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Warehouse Security 101 – Ways to Secure Your Warehouse

We know you’d agree when we say a business’s lifeblood depends on a secure supply chain. If anything goes wrong somewhere along the chain, the entire system will haemorrhage precious capital and fall apart. Such occurrences, unfortunately, are more regular than you might imagine, and they’re on the rise.

Warehouse security

For commercial businesses, warehouse security is one of the most vital aspects. If your business sells goods, you’ll need a place to keep them. A fulfilment centre, distribution centre, or warehouse is the most common location for this. You can purchase land, lease a facility, recruit employees, purchase equipment, and convince clients to buy from you, but that’s not all. The success of a business is determined by proper warehouse management and security.

Companies around the world depend on their warehouse to store their valuables, and any compromise in security can result in financial losses as well as lower employee morale. Furthermore, many warehouses are manned, and businesses must ensure that their employees are safe and secure.

Even the most modern state-of-the-art warehouses are prone to theft, so having a warehouse is not enough you have to invest in your warehouse security. That’s why logistics companies and storage facilities must have physical barriers and security deterrents that guard against unauthorized access. If you spot anything that you are currently lacking, consider upgrading your system.

Why is Warehouse Security Important?

The primary function of warehouses is to hold a large number of precious assets, which puts them at a higher risk of theft. According to UK crime statistics, 20% of all reported crime is against businesses, with the vast majority of these crimes being theft. As a result, it’s critical to keep warehouses safe from intrusions.

While warehouse security has an initial investment, it can save business owners money in the long term by acting as a deterrent to potential criminals and lowering the expenses of replacing items and repairing criminal damage. There are a variety of security measures that may be implemented to successfully protect warehouses.

How Do You Secure a Warehouse?

You may have this question in your mind. There are several different ways to secure a warehouse, but it is important to have a security company visit your location and provide personalised advice as well as discover any security threats or vulnerabilities. A perimeter must be secured, access to the site must be controlled, the area must be lit, and alarm systems must be installed to safeguard a warehouse.

Adding CCTV is also a wonderful way to monitor any security threats, and it can be used in combination with security guards and patrols to respond to any potential security breaches, keeping the warehouse safe.

It’s important to have the right kind of security in place by using a combination of techniques you will create very efficient warehouse security and protection system for your business. Here we will discuss some of the best security methods you can use to deter criminals and protect your site.

#1 Secure Your Perimeter |

The perimeter of your warehouse and site must be secured. This is a low-cost, high-impact strategy for crime prevention. You may do this by simply placing tall fencing around your property to prevent intruders from accessing. Criminals are much less likely to try to obtain access to a place that is adequately fenced in since the area appears to be secured. It also means that cattle or machinery will be much more difficult to remove from your property due to the presence of a fence.

#2 Control Site Access |

You have complete control over who is allowed to enter and exit your site by limiting access. Gatehouse security allows you to prevent persons from visiting your site who could pose a threat. This, together with guarding the perimeter of your site with fencing, is a very efficient approach to deter criminals.

#3 Hire Security Guards |

It’s important to have the best warehouse security guards on the job. They are by far the most effective security solutions. Having an officer on-site to monitor the situation can provide company owners with a lot of peace of mind. A warehouse security guard can keep an eye on a site and keep track of what’s going on. They can protect supplies and equipment while also serving as a visual deterrent to robbers. Warehouse security agents can respond to and deal with any problem that arises on your property. They can handle it themselves, contact the appropriate manager, or contact emergency services for assistance.

#4 Detect with CCTV |

It’s crucial to be able to spot any criminal activity that takes place on your site. Installing CCTV cameras in your warehouse is a smart approach to do this. CCTV monitoring allows you to observe if there is any suspicious activity happening on your property and to record any evidence in the event of a crime. Visual deterrents such as CCTV cameras and CCTV warning signs are also effective. If a criminal sees that your warehouse is being watched by CCTV cameras, he or she will be less reluctant to strike and risk getting caught on video.

#5 Mobile Patrols |

Having warehouse security guards patrol your site via warehouse mobile patrols is an excellent approach to keep your company safe. Mobile patrol services will come to your location regularly to properly inspect the area. They’ll also make sure that their visits aren’t planned in any way and are completely random, so criminals won’t be able to track and forecast future patrols to the spot. A mobile patrol unit will serve as a strong deterrence to criminals trying to gain entry to your property.

#6 Detect with Motion Sensors |

You can use motion sensor systems to identify if there is any movement on your property that isn’t supposed to be there. Any movement in restricted areas will be detected, and the problem will be resolved as fast as possible.

#7 Glass Break Detection |

If a criminal tried to break into your site, they might try smashing a window to obtain access. If you have glass break detection security installed, you will be notified if a window or access point is smashed to gain entry. The matter can then be resolved before more damage or theft to your warehouse occurs.

#8 Light the Area |

Criminals will be deterred from attempting to get entry to your property if you have a well-lit area. Criminals will be much more visible and therefore more likely to be caught if your warehouse and its surrounding area are well illuminated. As a result, thieves prefer to commit crimes in darker places, where they are less likely to be noticed by security or the police. Having good lighting throughout your site will also allow you to see these criminals more clearly, allowing you to apprehend them faster and stop any criminal activities from continuing.

#9 Alarm Systems |

If any criminal conduct occurs on your construction site, you must be informed so that you can either prevent, respond to, or report it. After a crime has been committed, these actions must be taken as soon as possible. As a result, having a security system in place is essential. It will draw your attention to any problems and serve as a visual deterrent to criminals.

#10 Test Your Security Systems |

Having a security system in place is the first step towards building a secured warehouse environment. Testing the system regularly is the second and very important step in keeping your site secured. You need to know that everything is running properly so that you are confident that you are protected as much as possible. Running regular checks and tests on our security systems will give you that peace of mind to know everything is protected to the greatest extent possible.

#11 Inventory Tracking |

To prevent theft, it’s vital to maintain track of your items on your site. Knowing what stock is where and how much of it there is allows you to monitor if anything has gone missing. It also helps in determining where/why anything may have gone missing.

#12 Deter Criminal activity |

It’s important to do everything you can to dissuade criminal activity, and there are some basic but effective ways to do so. For example, having visible CCTV cameras, warning signs, and security officers visible securing the warehouse are all good ideas. Security firms, such as ours, will provide free warning boards for your website to deter would-be attackers.


You can’t afford to be lax when it comes to warehouse safety. You owe it to yourself, your business, your customers, and your employees to implement the greatest warehouse security programme possible — one that is tailored to your specific operations. In order to best secure your site from criminal activity and enhance your warehouse security plans, contact the expert team at Shergroup. We would be happy to visit your site, review your existing security system, hear your security concerns, and walk through your warehouse to identify risks and blind spots and create a security system that will address all your concerns. We have the most robust security systems to offer the protection your business needs. Call us to find out how can Shergroup save you time, hassle and money in the long run and provide you with optimum security.

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