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Send us a debt, or a judgment that you want us to collect and we will set you up on our SHERPA dashboard. All we need is one invoice to collect, one claim to issue or one CCJ that needs to be enforced.
For other services, call or chat to us online about the service you need. We can talk you through the onboarding process. Our very own SHERPA Genies (aka Business Solutions Advisors) will be your guides into building your dashboard as you move into a world measuring your non-core services.
Your success is our success. The assignments and tasks you ask us to deliver are missions which our TEAM (TEAM Shergroup) needs to complete.
It is our mission to complete these tasks with metrics which show our results based on the service type. Through our business relationship we can adjust our service to provide you with the optimum outcomes.
We believe in what gets measured gets managed and we stand by this in all our delivered services.
We help you take the tasks you want to outsource giving you more “bandwidth” to concentrate on your core business. Scaling up becomes a reality as you focus your expertise in your niche and not on running your non-core operations.
Before joining Shergroup’s community you may be a businessperson who has very little insight or data on the service they are outsourcing. You may have no relationship with your vendor. If you have a grumble you may not be able to air it. You may feel you have no option but to stick with what you have.
By joining Shergroup’s community you will become a businessperson who has insight and data available to them. You will have a strong relationship with your vendor through your Business Solutions Advisor. You will be able to talk about results, air any concerns and discuss how TEAM Shergroup can improve its performance for you. In a nutshell, you are back in control of your decision to outsource more or less of your business.
  • Shergroup UK | Official Company Name Shergroup Limited
  • Trading Styles Shergroup Collections | Shergroup Enforcement | Shergroup Investigations | Shergroup Security
  • Company registration number 04771589
  • Place of registration Norwich | Norfolk | UK
  • Registered Office Prospect House | 28 Great Melton Road | Hethersett | Norwich | Norfolk | England NR9 3AB
  • Shergroup USA LLC | Official Company Name Shergroup USA LLC
  • D/B/A Trading Styles Shergroup Security
  • Company registration number L11000097454
  • Place of registration Orlando | Florida | USA
  • Registered Office Suite 200 | 1420 Celebration Boulevard | Celebration | FL 34747
  • License Number B1200118