Using our experience as employers of a diverse TEAM we know what we like to see in our recruits, so we are extending this into our recruitment solution for our client community.

It may be that you are looking for a special skill set to fill a gap in your own TEAM, or you are seeking talent which is not easily available in your part of the world. As we all know the world is changing and candidates are looking for new ways to work. We embrace this new approach and we want to help our client community widen their pool of talent in their own businesses.


Shergroup set up its own outsourced model in 2007, and as such we have access to the world’s talent pool of skills to fill jobs both onshore, nearshore and offshore.

In our heritage service of enforcement, we can source and recruit enforcement agents to operate in the UK jurisdiction.

 In our build out of services, we can provide security professionals at every tier of capability for clients across the world. In the United States we have built a database of over 2000 licensed security professionals serving our community out of Florida.

 If you need to fill posts in administration, finance, or IT we can source the professionals with the same approach to their role, as we find in Shergroup itself.

 Web designers, SEO subject matter experts, and social media content writers are all part of our pool of new and exciting talent.

 We look for a commitment, maturity and ability when talking to candidates about their next role.

 Our subject matter experts have over a decade of experience in sourcing, recruiting and onboarding new people into an organisation. We use all this experience to treat your recruitment assignment as if we were recruiting for our own TEAM.

 If you would like to find out more about why Shergroup Recruitment is different to a traditional recruitment agency talk to us about you need and we will show you how to access a global talent pool, as well as your own backyard.