Whatever stage you’re at in growing your business, there are probably times when you could do with an extra pair of hands.  Admin tasks, data entry, bookkeeping, social media, spreadsheets, compliance and HR records all take time out of your business without adding anything to the bottom.

We sympathise.  As far back as 2005, Shergroup began a journey to outsource its back-office functions and process its paper and data more efficiently into clear manageable daily processing functions.

If you have wanted to outsource but haven’t been sure if you could, we offer an easy and cost effective to transfer your processes to a dedicated team working for your business on an hourly, weekly or monthly plan.

Outsourcing brings flexibility and ingenuity to your business processes.  It also brings consistency of delivery.  Outsourcing professionals take the tasks, check their brief and then begin work.

Certainly, in the years that we have been outsourcing our Accounts Receivables, Administration, Finance and Marketing functions, Shergroup has benefitted from daily processing and end of day reports on activity.

Today we can offer our experience and skill set to our community.  If you ever wanted to outsource non-core functions, but hadn’t quite reached the point of doing it, Shergroup offers a friendly and secure environment in which to make the change.

All our processes are documented, and resilience is built into our outsourcing function so we can cover holidays, sickness, and parental leave without any downtime.

Alongside this we have access to one of the biggest talent pools in the world, and so we look for the very best candidates to join TEAM Shergroup and work on client projects.

Whether its managing HR records and processes, cleaning mailing lists, sending daily  reports, answering emails, and providing live chat responses, Shergroup has the experience and credibility to help your business outsource with confidence.