Shergroup Business and Legal Solutions

The recovery of money and the recovery of land are the bedrock of the Shergroup brand.  But how does this heritage help you?  Well for over 200 years we have been trusted by the High Court to enforce its judgments and orders as Sheriffs and now as the modern-day equivalent of being High Court Enforcement Officers

Today we provide solutions that have developed from our original role into a company that aims to help business owners manage the toughest issues on their desks – recovering money and getting more customers.

Here’s a rundown of how our solutions platform works

We can help you optimize your cash flow with our tailored solutions designed to recover overdue payments promptly and efficiently and move them on into a legal solution if the situation demands it. And if you end up with a judgment, then we can pass this on to our enforcement team for the best enforcement solution for your case.

Shergroup's property solutions cover a spectrum of services, from property management to dispute resolution, ensuring the smooth operation of your real estate assets. We can recover possession of a flat, house, shop, factory, open land, and in back possession from eco-warriors. You tell us what you need and we will have a solution ready to go for your type of situation.

When you choose Shergroup Security as your integrated security provider, you are choosing a company with heritage and integrity.

We want to help you, our customers, be super happy with your security service from start to finish and that’s our starting point in what we do.

From dispute resolution to contract law, our legal experts, guided by Claire's strategic direction, provide comprehensive legal services to protect your interests and ensure compliance with the law. We provide business law solutions but if you need something else we have partners we can refer you to.

Find the right talent for your organization with our recruitment solutions both onshore, and offshore. We connect businesses with skilled professionals to drive success.

Boost your business with our marketing and sales solutions, built to grow your website traffic and engagement from people who need your product or service.

If you need to find someone then find them and/or their assets using our investigation solutions. Whether it's due diligence or fraud detection, Shergroup provides reliable investigative services.

Shergroup understands the importance of employee well-being. Our health and wealth solutions, influenced by our CEO’s holistic approach to business, are designed to create a positive and productive work environment.

Optimize your business processes with our outsourcing solutions. From administrative tasks to customer support, we can help you scale your operation to do more business in a controlled and systematic business process driven environment. Call us to set up a discovery call where you can talk us through your growth challenge and we can give you the benefit of our proven experience on how to scale up!

Our High Court Enforcement Solutions ensure the swift and effective enforcement of court judgments. If you have a judgment in your favour, we will help you turn it into cash or recover possession of your property or land. You can trust our experienced professional team to handle the process with precision and efficiency.

We've built a storefront with products that will help your business move into the future safely and turn online browsing into buying.

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As a business owner/advisor/manager/team member we know that running a business creates challenges to beat, and problems to solve. 

Having built Shergroup up over the last 40 years we understand your frustration, your determination, and your ingenuity in solving business challenges for the benefit of your own business and your own clients.

Every day in Shergroup we are solving the problems of our client community.  Going back to our origins as probably the oldest Sheriff’s office in the world, we have seen and experienced the same sort of problems and changes that our community face.

So, we have decided to put all our experiences, in solving problems for our clients, and in building our own business, to create a series of services that can be all tracked back to our heritage, but which have been digitized to provide solutions for our clients in the future.

The recovery of money and the recovery of land are the bedrock of our company.  Spin these services out and we can help our clients to manage their cashflow and protect their property.  Sprinkle in some ingenuity and business experience and we know how we recruit, how we sell, how we market and how carry out due diligence. 

All this experience, driven by our client community and their continuing needs, has led to the creation of our hub of services. 

Our clients use us at the point in their process when they need us.  Some need us from the start of a solution, some need us only at the end.  We are completely agile in how we work, and we see ourselves as a friendly, efficient team who are completely focused on the needs of our clients. 

An whilst the cliché of “one stop shop” is well worn, our solutions go further than our direct competitors because we combine our legal and enforcement knowledge to finish what others have started. 

We are all on a journey in business to do more, be better, and dive deeper into the analytics.  Our mission is to help YOU do all these things so that you add value to your organisation and your own clients.