You may have noticed that we like the colour purple here at Shergroup. Chosen by our CEO and Founder, Claire Sandbrook, nearly 20 years ago the purple spectrum has provided us with many great moments in developing the Shergroup brand.

Now we are taking this colour theme a step further by creating our own Purple Shop full of the types of products that our growing community needs.

The idea has come for a Purple Shop to make it easier for our customers to buy the services they need.  Just like the tremendous Apple brand, we have “boxed” up all our services into Purple Products which you can buy online in our virtual shop.

Selecting and buying a product is easy. 

Simply select the product(s) you want, upload any accompanying information, and pay.  From transferring a County Court Judgment (CCJ) to our High Court Enforcement TEAM, through to buying a packaged Mediation service, you can upload your documents, fill in your details and pay with your card. 

Our fulfilment team will then pick up your purchase and process your order just as they always have.  The Purple Shop just makes it much easier to select and pay. 

Just as before a Business Solutions Advisor is your dedicated account manager to ensure you receive the service you want at the correct standard.  You can still reach out to them directly, and they are there to support you in the delivery of the service you have purchased.  They also have detailed product knowledge to help you on any of the services or products you see in our shop.

Alongside our services which are boxed up and ready to go we are also introducing the PURPLE PRODUCT RANGE.  This is a unique range of curated items specifically for members of our community all on the PURPLE spectrum.

So welcome to our online shopping experience.  We hope it makes it easier to buy our services and pick up some essential cool supplies at the same time!