READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION CUBE | At Shergroup we understand the challenges of leading a business, or a team, as we have been building Shergroup for 25+ years.

So, in this part of our business, we want to help business leaders find tried and tested services to help them stay healthy and manage their own personal wealth.

We have curated these services from businesses that we know and trust. We choose advisors and support services from people we have found to be reliable and responsive to the needs of business leaders. The people we partner with have helped and advised us over the years to build the Shergroup brand.

And of course, in recent times, the sort of support that is needed is about keeping body and mind fit and able to function as the world spins a little faster and we are dealing with the impact of the pandemic. The digitization of business and a planet engulfed by a virus, have only heaped more on the desks of many leaders who have had to pivot and adapt to a changing workplace environment.

We also understand that a leader who is determined and focussed on building a business as owner, or as a passionate manager, can forget to look after themselves and their own personal situation. As the saying goes “been there, done that”. So, if a partner makes it on to this part of our solutions hub, you can feel rest assured, they had something to offer us, and now you.

What they offer is technical proficiency and of course you can find all of that on the internet. What we have done is looked at what we needed to build our company, and seen how we liked to be treated as a customer. From a friendly smile, to a willingness to go above and beyond, along with a sparkle we saw in their business, we now pass this on to you as a member of our community. We have met so many great people in building Shergroup, and it seems only right we now share what we have learned, and what we will continue to learn in the years ahead.

If nothing else, please use this part of our website to check if you have these important “life building blocks” in place. More now than ever it is all too easy to skip over personal issues such as sorting out your pension, or making a Will. And it’s easy to forget that you have to be physically and mentally fit to deal with all the change and challenge in your role.
This part of our hub reminds us that we are all working to achieve something for ourselves and those that depend on us. Use it as a checklist, or just a place for ideas. Remember that the services that appear here are there to support you if you need it. If you don’t then perhaps you know someone who does.