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Check and Analyze Website Traffic, Performance Analysis, Traffic Statistics

Are you keen to find out how many visitors your website is getting? There are a number of ways to track your website visitors but the best one is Google Analytics. Not only this tool is free it offers countless options to track your website visitors.

Knowing how to check website traffic for any site will help you track your competitors and learn from their marketing strategies. When you track your competitor’s traffic you can see exactly the traffic sources, the number of visitors for the website, the bounce rate, the keywords driving the most traffic, top-performing pages, and measure how people find your website.

The number of people who visit a website at any given time is referred to as website traffic. This traffic is measured in sessions. A session is when a user views one or more pages in a specific amount of time, and some visitors may return to your website multiple times before purchasing a product or inquiring about a service.

We’ll show you how to use Google Analytics to track website traffic in this article. Let’s get started.

The Top 8 Free Website Traffic Analyzers

These are the best free tools for checking website traffic for any website.

  • SEMRush
  • Alexa
  • Sitechecker Pro
  • SimilarWeb
  • SerpStat
  • SERanking
  • UberSuggest
  • WebCEO

1. SEMRush

One of the most comprehensive tools for marketing solutions for online businesses. SEMRush offers a robust set of tools for everything from backlink analysis and content planning to SEO audits and ranking tracking. One such tool is their Traffic Analytics solution, which can be used to analyse the traffic of competitors’ websites.

You can access both paid and free versions of SEMRush. Using the free version, the software you can view up to 10 traffic overview reports a day. The overview tab will provide important metrics for the website you are analyzing including:

  • Total visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Pages per visit
  • Average visit duration

Bounce rate

This has a built-in feature called Bulk Traffic Analysis that enables you to check the analytics for up to 200 websites, at once. This feature enables you to compile data for multiple websites into a single report that can be exported to a .csv file. You can gain even more insights from additional traffic reports including:

  • Audience Insights | Track the movement of your competitor’s visitors and see the website they are visiting to gain a better understanding of their audience.
  • Traffic Journey | Find out how competitors get visitors to their websites and who their top referring sites are. You can also see where visitors go after leaving a competitor’s website by looking at the top destinations they go to.
  • Top Pages | Use analytics to find out what’s working best for your site with a report of its top-performing pages. You can also see the products and the services that are being promoted by your competitor and the channels used for promotion.
  • Geo Distribution | Examine which countries are responsible for the majority of a website’s traffic and how user behaviour varies by country.

2. Alexa

Alexa is a solution designed for SEO and competitive analysis. It helps businesses understand their target audience better and plan their marketing strategies.

It has a site checker that is free for anyone to use without signing up. This is a great tool to help you with insights into the performance of any website.

Here are some of the useful reports you can view:

  • Keyword Opportunities | See the keywords ranking for your site and the gaps where your competitor’s website is ranking but not yours. You may also find a list of potential keywords your site can rank for in the market.
  • Competitive Analysis | Compare the traffic, ranking keywords, and backlinks of a website to those of its competitors. The competitive analysis also includes the percentage of traffic for the website and its competitors from each channel, as well as the website’s top referring sites.
  • Traffic Statistics | You can gain website visitors insight based on their geographical location. Also, important metrics such as page views per visitor, average time on site, and bounce rate comes in handy.
  • Audience Insights | Understand a website’s audience behaviour better, the keywords they use for search, the pages they are interested in, and the time spent by them on a page. You can also find overlaps between audiences by comparing which other websites they visit. The free tool includes the same reports as the paid tool, but some of the data is restricted.

3. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a non-complicated SEO solution tool that helps businesses improve their search performance. The prominent features of this tool are the Site Monitoring, Rank Tracker, and Backlink Tracker tools which are all part of its paid pricing plans.

It provides several free tools including a Traffic checker that analyses the website traffic of any domain you provide. To check the traffic for your site you need to visit the Traffic Checker and type the name of the website you want to analyze. You will find enough useful insights in the results to gauge the site’s performance and better understand its strategy.

Some of the helpful traffic reports include:

  • Traffic Overview | The total volume of traffic over the last six months is depicted in this graph.
  • Engagement | Gives an overview of the important metrics for measuring site performance including overall visits per month, average visit duration, average page visits, and bounce rate.
  • Traffic by Countries | A breakdown of how much traffic comes from each country and what percentage of that traffic comes from each country.
  • Traffic by Sources | See how much traffic comes from each channel along with its percentage of total traffic.
  • Top Keywords | A list of the top five paid and organic keywords that lead visitors to the site.

4. Similar Web

This is referred to as an intelligent traffic solution built to provide users with a detailed analysis of any website’s visitors. Unlike the other tools on the list that focus on SEO and marketing tools, Similar Web focuses on website traffic analysis.

When you analyse using Similar Web, you’ll get insights broken into the following sections:

  • Traffic Overview | The website’s traffic is ranked globally, by country, and by category in the Traffic Overview. Basic engagement statistics such as average visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate are also provided, as well as a geographic breakdown of the website’s traffic and its top traffic sources.
  • Referrals | See which websites are bringing visitors to the site, as well as the most popular exit destination when they leave.
  • Search | Analysis of website’s top-performing paid and organic keywords.
  • Social | See which social channels are driving the most traffic to the website.
  • Display Advertising | A list of the publishers and ad networks the website uses for display advertising.
  • Audience | Find out the topics your audience is interested in. You can also gain insight into a list of other sites most visited by your audience.
  • Competitors | A list of the website’s close competitors and other similar sites.

5. SerpStat

Serpstat is a collection of SEO tools that evolved from a simple keyword research tool to now offer users a more comprehensive set of features for analysing their website’s performance. The features included are backlink analysis, rank tracking, site auditing, and traffic checking for other websites. The tool is available in both free and paid versions.

The results page will provide a wealth of information, including:

  • Keywords | Provides you with a list of paid and organic keywords driving traffic to your website.
  • Visibility | It indicates how often your website appears in the search engine page results for the keyword that it is ranking for. A higher level of visibility usually indicates a higher volume of traffic.
  • Traffic Trend | A graphical representation of the number of monthly visitors received by the site.
  • Keywords Trend | A line graph showing how users’ interest in the site’s ranking keywords has changed over time.
  • Top Pages | The pages on your site that attracts most of the organic traffic for your site. You can see how each of your web pages is ranking in Google’s search results.

The results provided by the free version are only a sample of the available data. The free version also does not allow for searching and filtering of the results.

6. SERanking

SERanking is an all-inclusive SEO solution that allows users to research keywords, track rankings, and check the website traffic of sites around the world. When you perform a search for a website, you’d get an overview of the site’s organic and paid traffic per month as well as the total number of keywords the site is ranking for.

Line graphs showing the trend of total traffic and ranking keywords and how they are progressing over time can be found further down the results page. It also runs you through the top-ranking keywords, top-performing pages, and a breakdown of its main organic and paid competitors.
The amount of data you can view in the free version is limited, just like the other solutions on this list.

7. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is a comprehensive SEO solution package designed to help users to perform keyword research, plan their content marketing, and check competitor website traffic. The platform comes in both free and paid versions.

The results page will provide a quick overview of the website’s traffic, including the total number of organic keywords for which the site ranks and total monthly organic traffic. You will also find a list of top-ranking keywords and SEO pages. Other detailed views of the site’s traffic and keyword ranking data are accessible with a paid plan.

8. WebCEO

Agencies and individuals who are looking to manage multiple projects in a single solution can use WebCEO. It offers a suite of SEO tools that are different from the other tools on this list. It does not allow you to search for another web site’s traffic data directly. Instead, users create a project with their website and then analyse the traffic of related sites using the Competitor Metrics tool.

The platform uses Alexa data to provide traffic statistics for your closest competitors’ websites. This allows you to see the traffic to these websites over time, as well as their average ranking position and shared keywords. The service does not have a free version, and you must sign up for a plan to use it.


Estimating the traffic of a website can help you in analysing several things such as best performing posts, top ranking keywords to money-making posts.

We hope you can find a suitable tool from the above website traffic checker list to analyse the metrics for your website. But we’d suggest that you don’t rely on just one tool, spend time trying out different sites, then you can check the result for yourself.

If you still have your doubts, contact Shergroup. Our SEO experts have a strong foundation when it comes to working on these tools. They can easily find and draw classified information from your competitor’s site and share it with you. Once you’re happy with that our team can work on your site and optimize it as required to be at par and better than your competitors.

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