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Know How to Use Google Analytics Effectively

The power of analytics is undeniable in today’s age. Businesses across the globe are using Google Analytics to watch over their metrics and develop their marketing strategies. Within 15 years Google Analytics has grown as a sole dominating tool in the industry for evaluating the growth numbers.

Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web-based application from Google that uses Javascript code to link to your website. This code is put on your website and enabled when a visitor lands on your site. Almost all digital marketers rely on Google Analytics for gaining insight into the most critical indicators that aid in making the best business decisions and understanding the consumer journey. From bloggers and YouTubers to podcasters and influencers ensure to use Google Analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their readers’ and customers’ behaviour, determine which places are worth targeting and prepare future content.

To summarise, anyone who wants to evaluate or understand their website metrics can incorporate Google Analytics into their site or platform. GA provides the latest feature of signals and cross-device tracking, incorporated into a well-filtered and segmented report. This report is an in-depth answer to all your questions about the device your user is using, as well as the remarketing capabilities to understand his behaviour. Your company’s performance is undoubtedly determined by several factors, but the most important of which is a GA study.

#1 What do you want to measure?

Understanding how to access the Analytics dashboard is not particularly enough. Google allows you insights into the minutest detail of the report or data but not everyone knows exactly how they should check for the data. As a result, you must first know your business objectives, evaluate the related metrics, and then determine which filters and segments can provide you with the most reliable data.

#2 Conduct a rigorous audit

An audit is a systematised and objective review of your account to determine which metrics are working well and which could be improved. Analytics Audit looks into the company’s website data and helps you understand it so you can make better decisions in the future. With this you can easily access the overall insights about the performance of your website, basic check of the entire interface, see if your AdWords account is properly connected, and that the tracking code is applied to your web pages.

#3 Look at what the customers are interested in

With real-time data on hand, you can check for the pages of the website receiving the maximum traction and those with a high bounce rate that needs to be improved. You can set up a trigger for the sections on your website that you would like to track every time a user clicks on that you’ll be notified. This way, you’d be able to analyse the user journey, behaviour, search patterns, and interest areas. You can better prepare your whole website and your remarketing plans based on these observations to give the customer exactly what he needs or expects.

#4 Develop a brand loyalty program

With the Google Analytics data, you will be able to figure out which customers are interacting with your brand and giving you a higher return. In short, are loyal to your brand. Keeping the customers is a vital part of marketing. You can build a loyalty program for your customers offering them gift cards, coupons discounted packages so that they keep giving you good revenue and remain loyal to your brand.

#5 Check for the pages that are doing the best and the worst

Google Analytics will help you figure out which web pages are doing well, and which are not. You don’t have to be concerned about the pages that are doing well, but if you choose the pages that aren’t getting you results as landing pages, you risk alienating a large number of potential customers.
When a user clicks on a search engine optimised search result or an online ad, the user is taken to a website’s landing page. Therefore, a bad landing page will undermine your AdWords investment.


Google Analytics is simple to use and offers excellent help in the event of a query. The Google Analytics report will answer all your questions about traffic, efficiency, technical understanding, customers, and so on. So, if you want more traffic flowing to your site, more people to interact with your brand and finally more customer conversions, but you’re not sure how to go about it. No worries, you can outsource your analytics service to Shergroup.

Shergroupies are here to assist you with their subject matter experts working day in and day out on Google Analytics data and metrics, DRIVING THE TRAFFIC FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS. Let’s get your traffic moving too! Contact us on, one of our friendly business advisors will discuss your requirements in detail.

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