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Some years ago, Shergroup’s CEO, Claire Sandbrook, attended a course at the Institute of Directors in London. It was called “Double Your Sales”. As a young lawyer Claire was keen to learn about this aspect of running a business and today as a much older lawyer, she would say is it is always a “work in progress”. It was at this event that Claire heard Bruce King talking about the power of sales in a business and she knew that this was going to be something her then firm definitely needed.


Effective Sales Coaching

The fact was then as it is now, that building and coaching a sales team is one of the biggest challenges in growing a business. Many professionals can’t even bring themselves to use the word “sales” let alone admit to trying to do it.


Business Development & Sales Coaching

People don’t even like to admit to having to sell their services and use alternative words to describe the art of selling. Business Development is the catch up for selling to a client and then onboarding a client into a firm or organisation.


So, Bruce has always been willing to tackle this in his usual straightforward, no-nonsense approach to sales. He says “If you are not happy right now, then it is very unlikely you are going to be happy when you have doubled your sales and you are not going to be happy while you are on your way to achieving that goal. Unhappy people tend to be non-positive, less inclined to action and often tend to see the worst in every situation rather than the best”.


For Bruce the concept of sales is driven by a healthy and positive state of mind and floundering over the figures will not help any business push their salespeople forward. Instead, a well-conceived marketing strategy together with strong business acumen will lead you to results.

Bruce King is a salesperson through and through and he is certainly not hiding that from public view. For over 17 years Bruce has been presenting his keynote conference speeches and one-to-three-day Sales Master Classes at events around the world. His speeches are informative and have a lasting effect on the audiences. But like so many of us, he was looking for a way to put his product, sales coaching, into an online format. He came up with the idea of Sales Coaching Online and distilled his mammoth training experience into 200+ bite-sized videos.


This is where ‘Sales Coaching’ comes into play

Sales Coaching as explained by Bruce is the practice of reinforcing positive behaviour, improving performance, and achieving goals. Typically, part of every salesperson’s daily or weekly routine, sales coaching is focused on helping team members self-assess and self -discover skills and techniques to solve a problem rather than numbers.


You can watch Bruce and Claire talking about sales, and the interplay with marketing in our Shergroup On the Sofa series


Benefits of Sales Coaching

The purpose of Create Sales is to create a positive environment where every sales rep in your team feels excited, motivated to grow and excel, feels responsible and looks forward to overcoming challenges that may arise.


Concentrating solely on results can be de-motivating and may not take you forward. Instead see the quest to build your sales team as a marathon, not a sprint. Half the battle is finding people who enjoy selling and who want to sell your service or product.


As people with an aptitude for selling, it becomes easier to coach them in the techniques that Bruce is teaching through his coaching platform. No more having to go to dreary day-long courses. Everything you need to train a sales team is encapsulated in Bruce’s library of online videos. This library is constantly being updated as new sales challenges come up.


Keys to Successful Sales Coaching

To invest in this training, you need to see the Return on Investment (ROI) so here are our 3 top picks for what you get out of running with this idea in your own business |


1. Improves Employee Retention Rate

Employee turnover is a constant battle in sales. A mundane environment or a bigger salary will always tempt some, while professional growth opportunities will excite many others. Sales coaching keeps skills sharp and can help you grow non-traditional salespeople into loyal ambassadors of your brand.


In Shergroup we have a mixture of sales professionals and team members who have grown into sales roles. Last month our two top spots on sales were taken by our loyal Shergrouper, Raz Dadabhoy who has done over 20 years’ service within Shergroup, and Donna Murphy who comes from a sales background.


2. Share Best Practices with Employees

Sales coaching may often act as a rising tide that lifts all boats. When a sales professional is using a strategy to great effect, other team members can pick up on that approach and teach the rest of your team to do the same. By doing this you are going to help those in the team who are finding it tough to achieve their target.


3. Maximizes Your Investment in Sales Training

It is a proven fact that the best way to learn and improve selling skills is to learn yourself and implement them slowly and steadily. An effective sales training depends on long term reinforcement and consistency which can be easily achieved through sales coaching.


In Shergroup we round up our day with a call at 5 pm where all our sales team jump on a call to discuss the success in their day. We also pick one of Bruce’s videos to watch to keep the momentum of training ongoing. The training helps us to have a round table discussion after the video which means the whole team can pitch and contribute with their ideas.



Shergroup recommends sales training and has added it to its marketing campaigns. Bruce King is one of Claire’s personal heroes in business because of his inspirational style and command in training sales professionals.


Bruce King as the world knows is a sales conference speaker and an international bestselling author. For over 17 years Bruce has been presenting his keynote conference speeches and one-to-three-day Sales Master Classes at events around the world. His speeches are informative and have a lasting effect on the audiences. His trained personnel have benefitted to a large extent from his coaching and have reviewed him as the “Whiz of Sales Coaching”.


So, if you are looking for a world-class sales coach to inspire and motivate your sales team to achieve greater heights, then check out our link below and get yourself or your entire team enrolled in our partnership with Bruce King.


To find out more or to book your sales coaching appointment, check out the link below-

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