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How can Technology improve your Team’s Safety and Productivity?

The security industry is not untouched by the new wave of technological developments. There have been significant technological improvements in the security systems and the overall management of risk.

While technological advancements have greatly enhanced communication and collaboration in all industries, there are also several ways that technology can be used to increase worker safety and productivity. Tech solutions can make a big impact for firms with a remote workforce or lone workers who may encounter third-party risks or dangers that are completely out of their control.

What are some of the ways that technological solutions can help to improve workplace safety and productivity?

Employers have access to a wide range of options to try out, including wearable safety devices, incident reporting software, and alarm monitoring systems, as well as incidents and task management software.

Shergroup has successfully adapted to this technological shift and is proud to offer security solutions to its clients that are innovative, efficient, and dependable. In this article, we’ll help you learn about how to use technology in the health and safety industry, from why it’s important to some simple solutions you can implement right away.

What are the benefits of using technology for safety and productivity?

When it comes to technology in the workplace, it’s usually associated with productivity, especially when it comes to process optimization. This might include everything from office organisation tools to information exchange, calendars, and resource sharing.

Technology has been extensively related to communication in the office as well as in more operational situations, particularly recently during the health crisis. Meetings delivered via online platforms, the ability to share screens and information, and the ability for colleagues to communicate virtually 24/7 via a variety of apps have all become standard in the modern office.

The health and safety industry, on the other hand, has yet to fully realise the promise of technological solutions. With the usage of gadgets like a man down alert, technology can now be employed to avert injuries and even fatalities.

Trackers and incident reporting software may be used by some organisations. However, many of the tools used to keep employees safe and manage their daily workload are becoming obsolete, complex, slow, or case managers to have even more problems.

This is why embracing innovative, simple, and effective digital solutions can have a significant impact on how your staff work daily. Workflow management and guaranteeing safety and security go into the modern era with intuitive, reliable, and integrated tools.

Taking advantage of the entire range of technological solutions available for workplace safety and productivity can result in several advantages |

  • Lowering the chances of human mistakes and missing reports or check-ins.
  • Adding a layer of fail-safe security measures to fall back on in the event of an incident, even if the workers involved are inexperienced.
  • Using applications and devices to make safety and security more transparent and easier to implement.
  • Shareable workflows and a to-do list allow the entire team to better communicate and cooperate while remaining on top of where everyone is at all times.
  • Lessons learned recording and information sharing are easier and faster.

Top tech solutions for your workforce

So, what are the greatest methods to incorporate technology into your workforce’s health and safety while simultaneously increasing productivity? A non-exhaustive selection of options you can quickly and easily deploy with your teams is provided below.

#1 Safety devices and lone worker apps |

Conducting a thorough risk assessment is the first step toward assuring worker safety in any situation. This should be based on personnel interviews, a process review, and any previous incident lessons learned.

Following your risk assessment, you’ll most likely discover that the bare minimum for worker safety is that your teams are outfitted with safety equipment. Lone worker safety devices and applications, for example, enable them to communicate with a central in-house or external monitoring team.

During an emergency, these technologies provide real-time communication and alerts. They also provide a consistent user experience, particularly when using apps that support two-way voice calls, one-touch discreet alarm activation, and the familiarity of a phone we all use every day.

Finally, they provide workers with a great deal of peace of mind, allowing them to be productive without fear of being stuck if something goes wrong.

#2 Alarm monitoring systems |

Having safety gadgets and applications is a wonderful first step in guaranteeing the safety of your staff. However, the ability to constantly respond when an alarm is raised is a critical component of keeping your people safe.

Alarm monitoring systems can help with this. The most recent and competitive ones provide custom-fit solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs. Look for one that works seamlessly with your employees’ devices and is supported by a cloud-based platform for seamless interoperability and access from any location where your monitoring team is located.

#3 Incident reporting software |

The use of safety devices, alarm monitoring systems, and overall increased communication and monitoring of personnel can help prevent dangers from becoming safety incidents. Things can, however, always go wrong, and it’s critical to be able to report problems precisely and quickly.

Workers can use new technology to streamline and speed up their reporting, obtaining data quickly and properly.

This has two advantages |

  1. First, it makes reporting easier and more appealing because it is less cumbersome than filling out large paper forms or using antiquated methods.
  2. Second, incident reporting software that is up to date enhances efficiency. As a result of spending less time logging, more time may be spent on other important tasks.
  3. Finally, incident reporting software that allows users to log dangers and near misses is a good idea. By lowering the likelihood of mishaps, can dramatically enhance overall safety. It also increases production by reducing the number of hours lost as a result of an incident.

#1 Mass notification software |

Depending on your sector, mass notifications may be necessary for informing entire areas or people who may be affected by an incident or hazard. Keeping people informed about key events before, during, and after them can mean the difference between a little hazard and a major disaster.

There are substantial productivity benefits to be achieved from efficient communication and alerting when it comes to bulk notifications. Using mass notification software that swiftly and efficiently alerts everyone affected can also make rerouting workers, planning plan B operations, and putting in place continuity plans easier.

#2 Inspections and task management software |

Finally, when it comes to managing workloads and tasks, coordinating groups, and logging and checking off actions, the most up-to-date task management software can make a significant difference in terms of saving time and assuring maximum productivity.

From a health and safety standpoint, software that allows you to develop inspection forms in simple templates can save you time and make it easier for your inspectors to perform their work. If you use an all-in-one app, you can also organise corrective action plans more quickly and in a more integrated way.

Security and productivity are also improved by task management software that allows management to monitor where the staff is deployed at all times.

An overview of team positions guarantees that they may be engaged for proactive hazard reporting, located quickly in the event of an emergency, and deployed effectively when synergies are discovered in ground activity. For example, recognising that one team member is close to a spot where others require assistance and calling and dispatching them to that area saves everyone time and travel.

By removing pen-and-paper reporting, all data is easier to share, refer to in the future, and use in training. It’s also a better long-term, sustainable way to keep track of everything.


Proactively use technology to enhance your teams’ safety and productivity. Embracing technology in your organisation will allow your employees to work safer and more efficiently, resulting in a more positive and connected workplace.

Use Shergroup’s security solutions that are robust, advanced, and professional. Each of our security solutions is certified and guarantees you worth for your money. We believe in being transparent in our operations and that’s why our clients trust us blindly. We carry out a complete risk assessment of your site first, we look at every corner, analyse the risk areas and then plan a security solution for your property. Be it a physical or remote security solution, we only recommend one after a thorough risk assessment. We do not plan to fill our pockets by selling solutions that won’t work for you, doing that we would lose your trust and our goodwill. As Shergroupies we believe if we can’t do justice to our client’s requirement, we’d rather withdraw than indulge in an unfair sales move.

To keep your workplace safe and secure trust Shergroup’s compressive range of security solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. Check out our solutions here and give us a call if you need help deciding the one that fits well for your property.

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