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Shergroup is a reputed enforcement service provider in the UK. From 1780 to 2004, we were the original Sheriffs, before being renamed High Court Enforcement Officers when the UK Government modernised the role. Claire Sandbrook is the CEO of Shergroup, appointed by the Lord Chancellor, Claire is one of only 69 Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers in England and Wales.

Claire was one of the primary negotiators with Ministry of Justice officials as this antiquated law enforcement system was upgraded. Under her leadership Shergroup has become a name to reckon with in the UK as an enforcement service provider, specialising in the delivery of outsourced services for sectors that require the enforcement of orders, judgments, and awards. In addition to the core enforcement services, Shergroup has also developed a range of business solutions to help fellow business owners to move forward.

As High Court Enforcement Officers we often visit the isolated dangerous boroughs in London sometimes to evict squatters, sometimes to provide security services for vacant properties and sometimes to find the missing debtors. Through our team of enforcement agents, we strive to give the creditors and claimants access to an enforcement system that supports their investment in bringing a claim for the recovery of money, or the recovery of land. Under Claire’s leadership, Shergroup has built an enforcement service based on exceptional service delivery, where only the best enforcement agents in England and Wales make Shergroup’s national panel.

A recent article caught our eye on LINKEDIN regarding the Most Dangerous Boroughs in London! So how dangerous is London? We wanted to check this out and share it with our community to demonstrate a number of points:

Boroughs of London

The London area is mainly divided into 32 regions called boroughs. Each borough is controlled by a London borough council. These boroughs were created by the government on April 1, 1965. Out of these 32 London boroughs, twelve of them are called inner boroughs and rest twenty boroughs are called outer boroughs. The London boroughs include a population of 1,50,000-3,00,000 and an area of 15-150 square kilometres.

How We Help The Landlord Community?

Shergroup has not only helped the landlords with appropriate security solutions but has also helped them in getting repossession of their property by evicting squatters and trespassers from their land. Often landlords are unable to keep a check on their property if it’s at a far location. A property that is not regularly visited by the owner becomes vulnerable to a lot of issues like squatters, who take shelter in their property without their permission.

Squatters aren’t uncommon in the UK and landlords who have a vacant property might find them dealing with one if they aren’t careful. Landlords keep juggling between their properties and tenants, so there is enough on their plate to deal with. Additionally, if they have to deal with an unauthorized individual taking up residence in one of their rental properties or units it can be frustrating. So, this could be a difficult situation for the landlords to navigate and break out of.

Squatters often look for void or abandoned properties. That’s because it’s easier to fulfil their requirements of adverse possession of these properties. Unfortunately, they may target rental units that have been vacant for a long period, thus hampering your rental income.

If you go about removing squatters and trespassers on your own, you could end up spending heavily but if you rely on Shergroup, we will help you get rid of the trespassers from your property at the least possible cost. We offer trespasser’s removal service without you having to deal with court orders, this is a quick solution and is very cost-effective.

Shergroup takes measured steps to remove trespasser communities from your property, common fields and other open land using our National Enforcement Team without a court order using the age-old remedy of a “common law” eviction. The amount of time needed to prepare this operation is cut from weeks to under 48 hours to book a date for our team to attend on-site.

When you’re stuck with trespassers who’ve set up their encampment on your land and refuse to leave, you can use Shergroup enforcement agents to remove the trespassers.

It’s a simple process we follow, first, we make an initial conversation with the trespassers to leave, if they refuse, we remove their vehicles, and caravans from the land. This could also agitate the trespassers and make them violent. The situation then needs to be dealt with carefully to avoid any further heated exchange of words or action.

Our enforcement agents have extensive experience and skills to handle such difficult situations and in removing trespassers from the most dangerous areas in London. Our agents enforce court orders to help our clients recover their money or land without any hassles.

In using our experienced enforcement agents, you can lean on our risk assessment procedure which means in all our decades of operation we have never seen an injury or worse. Alongside having the enforcement team do the eviction, Shergroup has all the resources to call on in terms of vehicles, and other equipment needed to forcibly remove anyone and anything we find on-site.

How Shergroup can help you?

We’ve covered the information around the most dangerous boroughs in London in the best possible manner here, addressing all minute details that could help the people residing or visiting these boroughs take necessary precautions. Having said that we wouldn’t say that London is a dangerous city but anyone travelling to London and the residents can now switch on their alert mode ON.

Shergroup has always been at the forefront and worked towards creating a safer environment for people. We make sure our day-to-day operations are carried out with utmost safety without causing any harm to anyone. As enforcement agents, our job is to enforce the court orders covering all the 105 postcodes that include the most dangerous areas in London too. Whether we are enforcing orders to recover the money or the land our team of enforcement agents does not shirk away from visiting the boroughs listed in the above list. For us, the interest of our parties prevails over everything we do. So, to keep them satisfied and meeting their expectations with which they approach us is most important.

Shergroup is aware of the kind of criminal activities and dangers that take place in the boroughs of London. From our own experience we can say that often when our enforcement agents reach the doors of the debtors to enforce the court orders, they are greeted with aggression. But thankfully our team of skilled and experienced enforcement agents are adept at handling situations that are risky and ensuring that the court’s order is enforced.

But when it comes to the residents and the tourist visiting London and the boroughs here, a safe environment needs to be created for them to live and explore peacefully. Shergroup’s security solutions are just perfect to offer the security that commercial landowners, businesses, retailers, and other commercial centres that attract tourists or are located in one of the most dangerous boroughs of London, are looking for to help them operate peacefully.

Our security services are designed smartly and carefully to cover the different security needs of the people. But each of our security solutions is new-age, competent and cost-efficient and ensures the best security results. So, we advise businesses operating in the most dangerous boroughs of London to upgrade their security and keep their assets, property, and people safe from any forthcoming security hazards.

Let us walk you through our security solutions |

1. CCTV Monitoring

Generally, property owners of vacant properties, owners of commercial centres and businesses with a large number of people visiting on an everyday basis are concerned about the security of their premises a lot more than others. For properties located in an isolated location or at a dangerous spot, it becomes difficult to employ a security guard. Therefore, a CCTV or video surveillance security system works perfect and monitors and reports on-site activities 24×7. CCTVs will not only function as a deterrent, but any footage of a break-in or theft might be a crucial piece of evidence if you end up going to court to prosecute.

2. Monitored Alarms

With the number of criminal activities reported in the listed most dangerous boroughs of London, property owners need to keep their property and people safe. Be it a vacant property or a commercial property our monitored alarms system is a highly effective approach to protect your property. Our modern alarm systems come with an advanced mechanism and are built-in with infrared movement sensors and video cameras that connect to your gadgets via the internet. When these alarms detect motion, they immediately begin recording and sending you the footage so that necessary and prompt action can be taken.

3. Steel Doors and Security Screens

A landlord in renting business with multiple properties often cannot keep track of activities happening at each site especially if the property is waiting for its new tenant. To keep their property secured during the waiting period or the vacant period installing our steel security doors and security screens is a good way to keep squatters and trespassers out of the property. Securing the main entrance with a solid and durable steel door, which is a better alternative to plywood is an effective security measure that you can have in place. Unequalled security and guided access are provided by coded steel doors.

Security screens, on the other hand, protect empty houses by covering the windows with a sturdy galvanised steel design that provides durability and strength. The installation technique guarantees that the screens are installed without causing any damage to the window glass.

4. Security Guards

Shergroup offers professionally trained and experienced security guards when you need guarding for your site. For example – If you have a property or a running business located in Westminster and the rise in criminal activities has become a concern for you then you need to be quick with your defence mechanism. Hire our security guard services to avoid burglary, vandalism, and squatters on your property.

Our security officers are vigilant, well-trained, and quick to report any concerning matters. Our security guards are responsible for safeguarding critical access points to a property, such as gates and doorways, to ensure that no one gains access to your property. Why we recommend security guards over CCTV cameras is because CCTV cameras do not cover blind spots whereas security guards can, ensuring complete safety. Although hiring a security guard can be costly, it comes with the added benefit of real-time reporting and monitoring. They’re not to get involved in any sort of criminal activity without law enforcement, but to deter it by just being there.

6. K9 Security

We live in a world where we encounter danger at every step. The uncertainty of events and random acts of violence like the threat of bombings and shootings looms over the public conscience. The constant spread of addictive substances is also a matter of grave concern. With so much happening it is important to safeguard the lives of innocent citizens. Whether you have concerns about an individual threatening your safety or of people around you, a coordinated attack on your business or event security needs, canine security is here to give you peace of mind.

K9 security is possibly the best and most reliable form of security with pointy-eared dogs guarding public places, events, void properties, and locations with potential risk hazards. With the ability to be deployed on almost any site, our drug or explosive detection dogs are chosen and trained for their great abilities in finding all major drug substances or explosive devices.

These security canines can sniff out and anticipate potential threats, making them a great deterrent to criminals and intruders. Shergroup has partnered with the Vapor Wake K9 security specialists who are equipped with a fleet of canine security dog units that can be deployed at a short notice to the most remote locations. Shergroup provides you with canine protection services to keep you and your surroundings safe even if you’re located in one of the most dangerous boroughs of London.

6. Concrete Barrier Blocks

Another security service from the hub of our solution is the concrete barrier blocks, telescoping bollards, and temporary steel mesh panel (Heras) fence. Concrete barrier blocks provide highly effective perimeter security and vehicle access management. They work together to keep fly-tippers and others who want to illegally occupy land or property out. These blocks can be installed quickly at the site and prove highly effective in safeguarding unauthorised access. If your property attracts a lot of trespassers and squatters, then hire our concrete barrier blocks to keep unwanted elements away from your property.

Do you have enough security to mitigate any potential risk? If your answer to this question is No, then you can call us to do a risk assessment of your property whether it is in the safest boroughs of London or the most dangerous boroughs of London, we will do it for you. After a thorough risk assessment, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and suggest the security measure your site needs to keep it protected.


London is a safe place and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

However, we are not denying that the dangerous boroughs in London could be a concern for anyone visiting, residing, or operating a business in those areas.

Properties that are prone to attract trespassers and squatters can be protected by our comprehensive security solutions that can be customised as per the need of your business. If the situation goes out of hand and your property is intruded on by trespassers, then we can help you with a trespasser’s removal service that usually works, and trespassers evict the property on their own. But if they still don’t leave then you can use our enforcement services to get back possession of your property.

Feel free to contact us and discuss the situation you are in with your property or the security requirements you may have; we’d be glad to help you.

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