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Tips to Become a Security Guard in Florida

Florida is the third most populated state in the country, and its numerous attractions draw thousands of tourists every year. Whether it’s the sandy beaches that line the coast or Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or the Everglades National Park, Florida attracts millions of visitors every year making the state a popular holiday destination for people of all ages and interests. Because of the state’s vast population and a large number of tourists, security guards with suitable training are in high demand.

Security Guard in Florida

In today’s day and age, it’s not wrong to be extra cautious when it comes to securing your business and people. Hiring the right kind of security services in Florida is necessary to ensure the people of the sunshine state are safe and secure.

If you’ve made up your mind that you want to become a security guard in Florida, then we’d like to applaud your choice on accepting such an honourable calling.

In order to become a security guard in Florida, you will need to attend a training course. When you look online for a security guard training course you will find there are many options for different levels and certifications available. We will explain to you the levels of training required to become a security guard in Florida.

Security Guard Training

The security guard training programme provides the candidates with the security foundations and resources they will need to work as security guards. The 40-hour class “D” Security Course is required to get a Florida Security License. The D course also includes the American Heart saver First Aid, CPR, and AED certification.

To become an armed security officer candidates must obtain the Statewide Firearms License (G). The Statewide Firearms Class “G” training is a 3-day course that covers the Florida Statues, Firearms Safety, the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Dry Fire Practical Applications, and Live Fire Qualification.
Let’s address some of the key points here.

#1 A security license is required to work for unarmed or armed security |

Anyone intending to work for unarmed or armed security services in the state of Florida must obtain a security licence. Security guards must have their security licence on hand while on duty, as well as a corporate ID. According to state security legislation, the licence must be provided to the guard if he or she is a law enforcement officer or a state employee who works for the Division of Licensing.

The Division of Licensing, which is part of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, oversees the security licence. A security licence is required for anyone who works for a security firm that provides security guard services. If a private security guard does not have a licence, they, as well as the firm that hired them, may be punished for working without a licence. Working in the private security sector without a licence is a crime, especially if you are providing armed security.

#2 A security guard license is valid for two years in Florida |

To continue working as a private security guard, you must renew your security guard licence every two years. Also, if a person stops working for private security and lets their security guard licence lapse, they will need to re-apply for the licence and maybe complete the original security training again. You should contact the Division of Licensing if you have any questions about your licence.

Some applicants may be eligible for the security guard licence if they have worked in Florida law enforcement, corrections, federal law enforcement, or military police. To apply for the guard license, you must first complete 40 hours of initial training. Please contact the state to check if you are eligible for a guard licence if you have any queries.

#3 Security Guard Certification |

Obtaining a security guard certification in other states has different criteria. To be qualified for the security guard certification in the state of Florida, applicants must undergo security training. The law mandates that security guards receive 40 hours of training from a licenced security school and teacher. Candidates will receive a security certificate once they have completed the training. To apply for a security licence, you’ll need a security certificate, as well as a background check and an application fee.

Applicants who hold a security guard certification from another state must still apply for a Florida guard licence. In terms of the security licence, Florida does not have reciprocity with other states. Only during a state of emergency can a security guard with an out-of-state licence work in Florida, and the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture permits out-of-state security guards.

#4 How security officer licensing works in Florida |

Security officer licencing is becoming more common in the United States, with certain states requiring security licences to work in certain fields. Security guards conducting contract security must be licenced in states such as Florida, Texas, California, New York, Virginia, and Louisiana. To become a security officer in Florida, you’ll need to complete most hours of training. Applicants must complete 40 hours of security training and pass a written exam in Florida.

#5 The State of Florida requires a guard license to work in private security |

To work as a security guard in several states, the private security business requires a guard licence. Security guards in Florida must have a Class D licence and, if operating armed, a Statewide Firearms License. To be qualified for an unarmed licence, you must complete 40 hours of security training. Security is a flourishing business that is essential for both residential and commercial clients’ safety. In many places around the United States, private security is becoming a force multiplier for law enforcement in crime prevention measures.

#6 Many security guards only require an unarmed security license |

The vast majority of security guards have only unarmed security guard licences. This is because more and more security guard jobs require them to function without a firearm. Due to the heightened risk of operating with a firearm, armed security services often have a higher charge rate. A guard who holds an armed security licence is also paid more than one who holds merely an unarmed security licence.

Anyone working for security in Florida must have an unarmed security licence, and anyone working as armed security must have a Statewide Firearms License. The unarmed guard licence, also known as the class D security licence, requires 40 hours of professional security training. The training includes emergency training, basic medical education, coping with a variety of issues security guards may confront on the job and instruction on Florida security legislation.

#7 Some states require security guard certifications |

Depending on the state, security guard certifications may be necessary. Many states have varying standards for working as a security guard, and some may demand a certain number of training hours to be eligible for security guard certifications. Because security guards may be safeguarding people’s lives and property, training is necessary to guarantee that they are prepared to deal with today’s threats.

Security guards currently outnumber law enforcement by three to one and are used to protect important infrastructures such as nuclear power plants or high-profile individuals who require executive protection. Many states with security guard credentials also have legislation governing security services in that state. Security certification criteria ensure that security guards are properly trained to perform the job functions required to protect assets.

#8 Obtain a state guard license to work in private security |

A security guard certification may be necessary to get a state guard licence if you want to operate in private security. To work in the security sector in Florida, you must have a state guard licence. This programme includes 40 hours of security training and qualifies candidates to work as professional security guards. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement also requires applicants to conduct a background check as part of the state guard licencing training.

To continue working on a post, the licence must be renewed before it expires. Candidates can then finish training for armed security by completing an additional 28 hours of instruction that includes guns safety, laws, and marksmanship principles once they get their licence. Many people are looking for jobs in private security because the industry is expanding. In terms of crime and loss prevention, security guards play a critical role. The demand for security guards will increase as the industry grows.

How do you get a security license in Florida?

The procedure for obtaining a security licence in the state of Florida is straightforward. To be qualified for a guard licence, you must first complete initial training at a licenced security school. You qualify for the licence without having to undergo any additional security guard training if you are a certified Florida law enforcement or prison officer. Military veterans who served as military police officers may also be qualified for a security licence.

Anyone else who wants to know how to earn a security licence must first complete 40 hours of security training before applying for a guard licence. Applicants can then apply to the state by filling out a security application for the Class D License, paying the $45, and passing a background check conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It might take anywhere from 30 to 90 days for applicants to get permission from the state to issue a licence.

How much is a security license in Florida?

The costs, however, may differ depending on where the candidates complete the requisite initial security guard training. As a result, some schools may charge more, while others may charge less. Because the cost of living is substantially greater in the south, certain schools in central and northern Florida are less expensive than training centres in the south. In addition, the price difference is determined by the quality of training received.

When compared to an instructor who delivers lectures, practical exercises, and is a more hands-on type of delivery, some schools may only play videos all day. In Florida, the state fee for a security licence is $45. It also necessitates an FDLE Background Check, which is $42 extra. A $10.75 fingerprint retention fee is also required by the state. An applicant will have to pay $97.75 in total to apply for a security licence in Florida. This does not include the cost of the 40 hours of security guard training provided by the security school.

Can security guards carry guns in Florida?

Yes, that’s correct. In Florida, security guards who are licenced and working at an armed security post are allowed to carry guns. To work in an armed capacity, security guards must have a Statewide Firearms License, also known as a Class G License. To work as a security guard for a church, security guards must have a Class D Security License as well as a Statewide Firearms License. It takes 28 hours of firearms training to obtain a Class G licence.

Candidates must complete a written exam with a score of 70% or above, as well as a range qualification with a score of 168 out of 240. Students will learn about firearm laws, gun safety, weapons marksmanship, and mechanics in this course. Before applying for an armed security licence, candidates must satisfactorily complete a range qualification.


The state of Florida is visited by tourists from around the world. With numerous visitors visiting and adding to the economy of the state it becomes all the more important to build up a tough security plan to keep them protected. Business owners seeking professional security guards to protect their assets should find an efficient security guard service provider to help reduce threats, deliver quality services.

Shergroup security guard services provide customers with a plan to assist reduce vulnerabilities and threats. We are a licensed security guard company based out in Orlando, Florida and we take pride in hiring the best candidates to provide security services to protect your organization’s most valuable assets. As an established full-service security firm, we will assist you in developing a security programme that is tailored to the needs of your property. Our security guards are well-trained and uniformed, and they will follow and enforce all policies and security protocols.

If your organization is seeking top-quality security guard services, contact Shergroup today for a security consultation.

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