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How to Hire the Best Security Guards?

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Security is a prime concern for big or small any size of businesses operating in the modern world. From data protection to employee’s safety and from asset protection to property, security is at the realm of every business operation. There are numerous options to choose from the security solution that you think would best suit your business needs. However, the most traditional security measure of security guarding is still preferred by a lot of businesses over other remote security solutions. Finding a skilled security guard is one of the most difficult responsibilities for any security guard service provider or company. We all know it’s easy to locate a warm body but finding security guards who won’t irritate your clients or get you a 30-day termination letter is a lot more difficult. So, if you’re a security guard manager trying to hire the best of the best security guards, what should you do? In the same way that your officers should consider their W’s (who, what, when, where, why, and how) while writing an incident report, you should consider your W’s when employing security guards. Let’s look at some of the basic standards to hire security guards for your business.

Who To Hire Security Guards? |

Candidates with a clean criminal background |

Although background checks can be costly, they are often required for officer certification in many states; in any case, don’t neglect them. Companies that hired security guards with criminal records have been hit with multimillion-dollar judgments.

Candidates with good interpersonal skills |

On the day of the interview, make a note of how the guard interacted with you and your team. Are they enjoyable? Do they appear to be smiling? Are they well-dressed and well-mannered? Keep in mind that these cops will be representing you and your consumer wherever they are posted. On a Monday morning, you don’t want impolite or unprofessional officers welcoming your customers.

Candidates that write well |

As we all know, well-written reports are critical in generating a positive impression on customers. So, give your prospects a quick writing exam to see if they have decent writing skills. I used to ask candidates to express what they saw in fewer than 200 words using an image similar to the one on the right. Needless to say, this writing test excluded a lot of security guards.

Candidates that pass a drug screen |

This is a rather self-explanatory one. Whether it’s a seven-panel or ten-panel drug test, make sure you test EVERY officer before recruiting and at random afterwards.


Security training schools | You are already reaping the benefits of having a wide pool of candidates to choose from if you operate your training school and train a significant number of security guards. If you don’t have a security training school or don’t train a lot of security guards, it’s a good idea to partner with one or two. They can direct you to their best students, who can assist you find the guards you require. This is a two-way street since it allows the school to brag about their ability to find jobs for its pupils.

Your website |

You’re missing out on a significant opportunity if you don’t have a mechanism for potential employees to send resumes to you through your website. Without much work on your part, your website can collect applications and resumes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On your social media channels |

There are a variety of strategies to use social media to assist in the recruitment of security guard candidates. Creating social media accounts dedicated to hiring security guards is one of my favourites. Tell potential candidates to follow you on social media to be notified of open openings on your job application page.


All the time | In order to hire the best security guard for your organization, you need to keep looking for the right candidates. Continuous interviewing is a way to identify good candidates long before you need them. This is one of the best methods to filter the most suitable security guards you need from the bunch of candidates who apply. So, this makes hiring super easy with high-quality security guards, also it reduces the expense as you get to hire the guards that you want.


Emphasize HOWs in the WHO section | Background checks, writing exams, and drug tests are all part of the process. But, in addition to those fundamentals, you need additionally provide these two HOWs. Examine the candidate’s technological aptitude: Security guards have been asked to use more and more technology in recent years. As a result, it’s become critical to verify that the security guards you choose are competent in using whatever technology they’ll meet on the job. CCTV cameras, real-time guard tour tracking, and security guard reporting software are examples of this technology. Ensure that your prospects are competent in mastering whatever technologies your guards utilise. Be a great company | The simplest approach to find good security guards is to be the type of company that current guards recommend to their friends. Don’t forget to reward your officers for spreading the word by giving them a bonus or a monetary award for each candidate they recommend that gets employed and stays for a defined period of time. Your security guards understand what it takes to execute their job and have a vested interest in hiring officers who won’t make them work multiple shifts due to a no-show.


Although it is much easier to hire security guards immediately, it will ultimately cost you more than it is worth. Hiring and placing inexperienced security guards is a risk to your company’s reputation and financial viability. Take your time and create a hiring strategy that will ensure you have the high-quality security guards you require. You can contact Shergroup to hire the best in business security guards. Our security guards are hired after a thorough interview and background screening of the candidate. All our security guards are licensed and have undergone formal guard training. They know how to handle different situations intelligently without losing their cool and have the skills to manage the security of your business. Shergroup offers both manned and patrol guarding services, so when you chose our security guarding services, we will look at our database of security professionals and place the right guards with the right experience at your site. Contact one of our business solutions advisors today and discuss your security requirements. To make a purchase or know more about our security guarding solution, click on the link below | Contact us for more information via our channels | Contact us on- You can reach us | By Phone | 020 3588 4240 Website | and you can chat to us from here Email | [email protected] Facebook | Check out Shergroup on this channel and message us Twitter | Check out ShergroupChat on this channel and message us LINKEDIN | Check out Shergroup’s LINKEDIN feed – and please FOLLOW us! Instagram | Check out ShergroupChatter and follow us!
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