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Security Guarding Services in Orlando, Florida!

When a company decides it needs security measures, there is usually an obvious risk that triggers the implementation of a security plan. A security risk assessment does not always have to be triggered by a horrible crime. In our view, smart organisations that adhere to industry business standards will address risk as part of their continuous compliance. Rather than simply reacting to a threat, they are anticipating it. Shergroup offers the best security services to protect your home, office, assets, family, or yourself from any potential threat for businesses operating out of Orlando, Florida.

Orlando is a magical place known for its hospitality. There are numerous reasons which make Orlando a favourite tourist destination. Be it Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World, Universal Islands of Adventure, or the Orlando Museum of Art the tourists love it all and that’s what makes it an ideal vacationing spot for not only families but young singles, baby boomers, foodies, outdoor adventurous types, luxury shoppers and international visitors.

The world post-pandemic is ready to rock and roll and Orlando, a thriving tourist destination, is ready to kickstart its way out of the Covid crisis and welcome visitors. With this also comes the responsibility of safeguarding lives, public places, and business houses, so let’s look at the best way how Shergroup can create a secure environment in Orlando, Florida.

Why Security Guarding?

Before you hire, we’ll go over the benefits to assist you to make a better decision regarding manned security guards.

Benefits of Security Guarding Services |

  1. A professionally trained and licensed security guard can act as a visual deterrent
  2. Emergency and holiday cover support so you remain secure and protected
  3. Help prevent unauthorised access and possible theft and damage to your property
  4. Ideal for vacant property sites, commercial places, schools, hospitals, banks, etc
  5. Security guards can take real-time action, quickly respond to either report or deter a crime happening on-site
  6. Guards can quickly respond to other on-site issues such as weather damage, broken windows, and gas leaks
  7. Security guards receive regular customer service and conflict management training

It’s a tough call to decide between manned security guarding service or remote guarding with video surveillance. Each has its benefits and can give you the required security for your premises. But manned security is a better option in case of a physical threat.  The simple presence of a security guard on the premises is enough to deter potential criminals. Therefore manned security guarding is frequently at the heart of any successful security solution.

The Security Guard’s Primary Responsibilities

A security officer’s primary role is to prevent any type of incident or loss on the premises. If an issue occurs, their job is to contact law enforcement and keep an eye on the situation until help arrives.

In their position as security officers, they have three main responsibilities that ensure their presence at any time on any site. Here they are:

Vigilance & Visibility |

One fundamental rule that a security officer must follow is to always be visible. An area that is physically secured by an active security officer is unlikely to be a target for criminal activity. If criminals are deterred by the presence of a watchful security guard, half the battle is won. Guards must be vigilant in following the site instructions that have already been agreed upon with the customer to be effective in their tasks.

Reactions and Reflexes |

A guard with a quick reflex quickly notice anything unexpectedly and respond appropriately. However, a security guard must know when to ask for assistance to get control of a tense situation and enlist the support of the police.

Monitoring and Maintaining Order |

Nobody can foretell when a crisis will occur, but a security officer can ensure that things remain secure and orderly daily. They must be always on their toes, keeping a close eye on guests, patrolling the area, examining log entries, monitoring the area via CCTV, and reporting any suspicious actions. In other words, ensuring that everything around them operates well.

Areas of Operation

Manned Security guarding services can be offered across a wide client base. We can customise the manned security guarding requirements of business owners operating in Orlando to suit their bespoke needs like-

  • Commercial guarding
  • Construction guarding
  • Retail guarding
  • Site evictions
  • Car Park management
  • Dynamic guarding services
  • Event security
  • Concierge security
  • Trespass management
  • Residential guarding
  • Vacant property guarding

The one area which stands out on the list above is Vacant Property Guarding. The service that necessitates the highest level of security.

Vandals, robbers, trespassers, and other illegal visitors frequently target vacant properties. This could result in additional out-of-pocket payments for repairs in the event of damage, loss of value in an incident of theft, or loss of life in the event of a criminal attack.

Hiring a manned security guard is one approach to avoid burglary, vandalism, and squatters on your vacant property. Security officers are generally responsible for safeguarding major access points to a facility, such as gates and doorways, to ensure that no one gains access to your property. Manned guarding can also check for blind places that CCTV cameras do not cover, ensuring complete safety. Another benefit of hiring security guards on your property is that if the alarms go off or they see suspicious activity on CCTV, they can respond quickly or notify the authorities.

Shergroup’s Security Risk Assessment & Why is it Important?

A risk assessment procedure can be used by experienced security professionals like Shergroup to identify hazards and dangers and determine how they might be reduced or avoided.

The history of the site, the actual area where the site is located, and the site’s future use are all risks that may raise the need for security. The benefit of all this risk evaluation is that putting in place adequate security measures may enhance insurance rates and help keep premiums low in the future.

The goal of the risk assessment is to determine your organization’s risk profile before approaching a security vendor. Defining your specific needs and goals ensures that you are neither oversold nor undersold the security solution you require.

In Florida, we’ve seen several cases where consumers have purchased armed security for a location that doesn’t require it. Armed protection costs more than unarmed security, therefore the consumer pays far too much to defend a facility that doesn’t require it. Even deploying armed security in a place necessitates significant consideration. In some regions, the presence of weapons increases the risk. As a result, a comprehensive assessment of the risk and how it may be managed to maintain security, save a life, and safeguard assets is required. Armed security is a costly and time-consuming reaction in many cases.


Shergroup started with its dedicated security division in London to protect landowners and commercial business premises by stopping unauthorised access by trespassers, vandals, and squatters. Very soon we moved our operations to Orlando as we always wanted to set up Shergroup US and Orlando seemed to us as a flourishing and promising business centre. Shergroup understands the need for security and protecting a site against burglary, theft, vandalism that causes both financial and emotional loss for our clients.

Our trained security guards are vigilant professionals you will find in the US security sector today and offer a fully comprehensive security service to match your requirements. When you raise a request for security guarding services in Orlando, we look into your requirements first and then carry out the risk assessment of your site. Once this is done, as per your instructions our operations team carefully selects the guards who are the right fit for your site. Site-specific training is given before the deployment of guards on our App so that officers can store all their observations and patrol log details into a database.

This database is available for you to see all the detailed information down to individual incidents and patrol stops. Information is emailed to you daily at your preferred time. We also create site summaries of data from this data to show our 100% (or as near as we can achieve that) to the site instructions.

Call us for a confidential conversation about what you need to upgrade your security operation today. One of our Business Solutions Advisors will be discussing how we can help you upgrade your site.

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