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How to Source Best Talent for Your Company?

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Using our experience as employers of a diverse TEAM we know what we like to see in our recruits, so we are extending this service for our client community.

In today’s hyper-competitive employment market, sourcing applicants is undoubtedly the most important recruitment skill for anyone looking to hire high-quality employees.

Simply put, many of the greatest prospects are no longer interested in applying. It’s up to you and your team to take the initiative and go out and look for them!

With the top talent in the market as plentiful as it is elusive, your talent sourcing strategy must be tailored to attract the proper type of candidate. With so many talent sourcing strategies accessible to HR professionals, it’s up to each firm to pick which ones will form the foundation of their talent sourcing strategy. The most effective technique for attracting the top talents for their own business will differ depending on the firm.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the six most critical best practices to assist you in identifying and approaching talent via any medium you choose, allowing you to excel in sourcing people.

1. Social media

This is undoubtedly the most important method for businesses to use when looking for new employees. If you don’t have a social media presence for your firm, you’re missing out on a significant piece of the talent market.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are gaining more traction than ever before because of celebrities who spend a significant amount of time on these platforms. Staffing professionals are aware of this and are employing innovative recruitment marketing strategies to reach out to potential applicants who utilise these social media platforms.

2. Referrals

Employers in Malaysia continue to rely heavily on referrals, particularly from previous successful applicant placements. It’s easy to see why, because word-of-mouth recommendations provide numerous advantages.

Candidates who have already been hired and had a positive onboarding experience are more likely to refer your organisation to other job seekers. They’re also more likely to know what’s expected of the vacant post and whether the individuals they propose are likely to be competent.

3. Talent sourcing software

With technology at our fingertips, it’s important to take advantage of accessible recruitment or hiring software to find employees more efficiently. The most important factor to consider when selecting a talent sourcing software is the suitability of candidates for specific tasks.

Talent sourcing software provides appropriate candidate possibilities based on a certain role using search syntax and filtering capabilities. The candidates are featured in information cards that detail their current and previous employment experiences.

You’ll get a regular stream of relevant individuals recommended to you depending on their suitability for the job. Recruiters will need to use their persuasion talents to describe the open position to selected Talent Search applicants because these people have not yet actively applied for the role.

4. Industry-specific meetups

While recruitment networking events where applicants and job seekers connect might be beneficial, recruiters face a problem with specificity at these events. Attending industry-specific or subject-specific events might help you narrow down your hunt for expertise in a given field.

5. Meet them where they play

Sorry to break it to you, but the world of talent is no longer only centred on LinkedIn. Indeed, while it remains an undeniably valuable search tool for recruiters, there are other channels giving tough competition to LinkedIn.

These new-age platforms attract young talented candidates who can interact with like-minded professionals and hone their skills. As a result, these channels are brimming with skilled, potential individuals who may not yet be on the radar of your competition.

6. Bring in an expert

Firms may change their talent acquisition strategy to locate and source the best talent in a variety of ways. Making this transition, on the other hand, isn’t a priority for other firms; their whole focus is on altering their business and customer experiences.

However, we already know that organisations can no longer afford not to hire talent; in fact, failing to do so might result in a loss of revenue. So, in this case, it’s necessary to enlist the help of a specialist. A specialised recruitment agency will already know where to look for hard-to-find talent, how to engage them, and how to pique their interest in your offer. By outsourcing in this way, businesses can avoid overhauling their entire talent acquisition process while still gaining access to the available talent that is so critical to their success.

The benefits of a multi-approach or integrated talent acquisition strategy

Sourcing talent through a single channel not only alienates a large percentage of the talent pool who look for work through a different channel. It also pigeonholes the type of talent you hire, because different demographics of talent may look for opportunities through different channels and mediums.

For example, a younger demographic might think to use Instagram or Twitter as a credible site to look for job openings.

You’ll have a more holistic and well-developed process in place for securing quality new people if you tackle your talent sourcing strategy from numerous angles. The sourcing process will become much more streamlined and efficient once a plan with multiple methodologies is accepted and aligned for HR.

In the end, a long-term talent acquisition strategy boils down to a compelling employee value proposition. When employees are aware of your firm’s mission and believe that your company has something interesting or worthwhile to offer them in terms of career advancement, finding the top applicants becomes much easier.


If you’re in search of talented recruits for your company, then you should get expert help. Often relying on traditional sources and HR practices don’t help much in finding passionate employees for your company. Using expert help and resources can make the process simpler and quicker as they have a vast pool of talented employees and can find the best candidates that meet your requirements.

Using Shergroup’s recruitment solution can help you source the best candidates from different parts of the world who fit your requirements. You can outsource the exhausting task to our team and focus on building your company into a better place to work for. For more information on our recruitment process speak with our business solutions advisors.

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