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7 Tactics to Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

YouTube might not rank at top of your social media channel list. But it’s one of the best platforms for content marketing that ultimately leads to generating traffic and sales. YouTube has earned a lot of votes for its credibility. You might be thinking that’s great, but my audience is not on YouTube. Well, think again.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, One-quarter of internet users spend 10 hours or more watching videos, YouTube has more than two billion active users worldwide. The platform is so extensive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages. This is the power of YouTube.

YouTube has always been the source of entertaining content but now it has become an essential tool for successful content marketing. It is the home of online videos for marketing professionals and regular consumers. YouTube is the only platform to market videos and seek more visibility. So you never know it could just be the tool you need to set you apart from your competition.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting businesses and products on YouTube’s platform by uploading useful videos to a company’s YouTube channel or by purchasing YouTube ads.

We are going to walk you through the basics of the biggest video marketing platform and the 7 tactics you need to follow to create Google-friendly content and double subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Make Compelling Titles | No matter how much effort you’ve made in producing a video that looks good, it’s useless if nobody clicks on it. So, it’s imperative that you optimise your video titles to bring in viewers.

Here are some helpful tips for creating perfect YouTube titles that will get you more views:

  • Find the right keywords | Keywords in the title tell Google crawlers about the content of your video. It’s a win-win situation because good keywords also tell your viewers what to expect.
  • Keep the title short | The ideal length of video titles shouldn’t exceed 60 characters. Readers should see the whole title at a glance.
  • Create clear and descriptive titles | Don’t force viewers to figure it out. Let readers know what the video is about.
  • Tell readers why they need to watch the video | They need a reason to spend their time and view the content. They want to know how they will benefit from it.

To come up with a good title, use this formula:

  1. Choose a central theme for your video.
  2. Look for keyword phrases that are short and descriptive and that address this topic.
  3. Choose a title that answers the viewer’s most pressing question.
  4. Create Perfect YouTube Thumbnails | Users won’t take a minute to click if your thumbnails are effective. Thumbnails should be relevant to the video’s content and title. This will give more credibility to your YouTube channel.

To make your thumbnail more understandable include short descriptions and relevant images. You can make more people interested in your channel by telling a story using your thumbnails. You should keep them engrossed and curious.

Here are some useful tips for custom thumbnails:

  • Use standard video sizes – 1280×720 or 1920×1080. Smaller sizes can look blurry.
  • Use only high-quality images.
  • Include the video title on your thumbnail as it helps attract more views.
  • Image formats should be JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or TIF.
  • Use the 16:9 aspect ratio that works best for YouTube players.
  • Keep a consistent look and adhere to this style in all your thumbnails.
  • Use emotion. Include exciting faces and focus on the eyes.

Limit Videos to Under 5 Minutes |

If you want to get the best results from your videos focus on their watch time. According to the Comscore survey ( , the maximum number of videos on YouTube is about 5 minutes.

Long videos with repeated message won’t help. People must have a compelling reason to watch your video. You can play around with different video lengths to see what works best for maximum engagement.

Here are a few tips you should follow:

  1. Create high-quality content in each video
  2. Optimize your videos to be under 5 minutes
  3. Make them interesting, informative, and short

Brand Your YouTube Channel | You should invest in branding your YouTube channel. This would give you visual appeal and encourage visitors to take your channel seriously. It helps in increasing brand awareness and spending more time with your audience.

Here are some tips to brand your YouTube channel-

  1. Use your company logo for your channel.
  2. Add titles and descriptions to your videos.
  3. Include links to your website and social media on top of the banner image
  4. If your video is about a product, you can also use self-branded overlays. Many people don’t know about these, but they give you a chance to retain people when they watch your videos.
  5. Having an interesting Bio about your company also helps in driving traffic.

Let people know what interests and inspire you. Make it short and engaging.

Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) | Adding an effective Call-To-Action button on your videos will help you create more engagement on YouTube. The key here is to use them smartly and not to irritate the viewers. Whatever your objectives are, whether it’s to increase likes or subscribers, be clear and concise about the key actions that people must take.

You should always include your website link within the video or ask people to subscribe to your channel to help people understand the next step.  If your goal is to attract a lot of subscribers, try to do it smartly. Your efforts will be rewarded in the long run.

Share Videos via social media | Having a million videos won’t help if you don’t share them on your website or social media accounts. This is a fundamental step if you want to grow your channel. It’s critical for savvy marketer to not only share their latest videos on social media but also to participate in social communities and groups. Each social media platform has its own culture, and you must determine which is best for you and where your efforts will be valued.

Promote your videos using the following tips:

  1. Add YouTube videos to SlideShare presentations
  2. Share your videos on Pinterest and Twitter
  3. Make mini promo videos on your Facebook page and link back to your original YouTube video
  4. Integrate your videos into your blog content
  5. Publish your videos on
  6. Promote and share your videos on relevant Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn groups, and communities
  7. Include your videos in guest posts on related websites
  8. Add your YouTube channel to your Instagram bio
  9. Use Reddit for getting YouTube views
  10. Work with Other YouTubers | Collaborative videos are a good idea to promote your content. Content creators like to collaborate with popular channels to find a new audience and increase their subscriber base. It’s also a win/win situation for you, your partner, and your target audience. Collaborating with other influencers is a great way to increase your audience’s social proof. By association, working with other well-known channels makes you look good.

Here are a few ideas on how to do that:

  1. Interact with your audience, respond to their comments.
  2. Ask your audience what else they want to watch in the comments.
  3. Find YouTube influencers and other brands in your niche and make videos together.
  4. Try and collaborate with brands and YouTubers that are more powerful than yours.
  5. You can connect with more than one brand or influencer at a time.
  6. Collaborate with influencers from other social networks.
  7. Collaborating with other people has a lot of advantages as it helps you make solid relationships with brands and influencers and grow your audience exponentially.



If used in the right way, YouTube can promote your brand awareness and reach potential customers.  If businesses start looking at YouTube as another leg to their content marketing strategy, they’ll be able to create great video content that will enhance both content and social media marketing.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you should start experimenting and learning what works best for you and adhere to those practices. But if you’re a novice to this trade and seek help then you consult Shergroup. Our social media marketing experts will analyse your marketing strategy, and online presence and then create a marketing strategy to achieve your goals. Our team will help you create quality, interesting video content for your viewers, grab their attention with thumbnails, hook your audience, stick to your word, and deliver on your promises.

We believe video is the hottest thing in marketing right now, even we as Shergroupies love experimenting with our video avatars and trust us when we say we get overwhelming responses for our animations. So, let’s dive into your YouTube channel and get more people to subscribe to your channel and connect with your content.

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