Welcome to the Shergroupie Podcast. Today, Claire Sandbrook, our Chief Shergroupie, is going to talk about Security Alarm installation and how this can help you in protecting your property assets.

So, let’s start by asking the question – are you a landowner, landlord, property manager, property agent, or someone overseeing a property?  Are you happy with the alarm systems installed at your site? Or perhaps the alarm system is not quite what you wanted. Maybe you have inherited it or maybe you are developing the land and it hasn’t been an issue yet.   Whatever your situation, we can help you safeguard your property efficiently and cost-effectively.

In this podcast, Claire offers a few ideas on how to protect your empty property.  And she discusses how Shergroup got into the security business back in 2007.

Our security expertise flows from our heritage as Sheriffs.  When we were evicting trespassers from a client’s redevelopment site, we found that the trespassers were coming back on the land and then we had to go through the whole exercise of repossessing the land again.  This increased our client’s costs considerably and it was that at that point that Claire decided we could build security into our portfolio of services.

Today we understand the risks associated with vacant land because we actually have to deal with them in an in-depth way. Over the last 17 years we have provided landowners with security at Aberthaw, Kingsnorth and Didcot power stations, the London 2012 Olympic site, Parliament Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Southwark Cathedral, and redevelopment sites for London Boroughs and County Councils to name but a few of our fascinating security projects.

It didn’t take us long to realize that our clients needed cost-effective security solutions that could be for the short, medium, or longer term as well as our security guarding options.   As we all can appreciate security guards are an expensive way to protect a property particularly in these days of increasing tech where manpower is not always necessary.

So, we continue to innovate and put new solutions on our platform.  Take for example the solo alarm system. It’s a wireless system that doesn’t require to be connected to a telephone line and instead, each alarm is connected to a mobile phone network for signal and connectivity.  It can be installed on-site within 20 minutes of the engineer reaching an address. It’s compact, and cost-effective.

We offer a free risk assessment to review your site(s) and to improve on your security plan before we suggest any security measures.  You can take advantage of Shergroup’s security alarm expertise and contact our business solutions advisors to discuss your next project.

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