Welcome to the Shergroupie Podcast, hosted by Chief Shergroupie Claire Sandbrook. In this episode, Claire dives deep into the world of property screening solutions, focusing specifically on fabricated steel metal screening. Discover how this innovative security measure can safeguard your empty and void properties, acting as a powerful deterrent against potential squatters and trespassers.

At Shergroup, we offer weekly rentals of steel and metal screens to our customers, ensuring your property benefits from a medium-term security fix. When you decide to invest in a property screening solution, our team will personally assess your property, identifying areas that require screening, such as doors, windows, and other potential access points. Following a thorough audit, we charge an installation fee, guaranteeing comprehensive protection for your property.

To enhance your security, we also provide various alarm systems, including video alarms and wireless alarms. Our on-site survey serves as a risk assessment, allowing us to tailor the security measures to your specific needs. Traditionally utilized by our High Court Enforcement Officers team following evictions, property screening plays a crucial role in preventing re-entry within the critical timeframe of 2-48 hours. It acts as an add-on product to enforcement actions, reinforcing the security measures already in place.

However, property screening is not limited to post-eviction scenarios. If you own a vacant property that requires round-the-clock protection at an affordable cost, steel metal screening offers an effective deterrent against potential squatters.

When you contact Shergroup Security, our business solutions team will promptly respond to your needs. We can dispatch a professional to assess your property, or you can provide us with photos and videos for a preliminary review. Rest assured that our installation process is designed to minimize damage, ensuring easy removal when needed. With an 8-week investment in your property, you can further enhance security by combining steel doors and other systems to maximize protection.

If your property is at risk of unauthorized access, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through any of our contact channels. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and get the ball rolling on securing your property.

To know more about our security screening steel doors and make a purchase, visit our website at www.shergroup.com/product-page/security-screening-steel-doors/. Safeguard your property with Shergroup’s reliable property screening solution today.

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