Hello and Welcome to the Shergroupie podcast! Today, Claire Sandbrook, our chief Shergroupie will talk about Mediation services for UK landlords and tenants. Our mediation service is a way to move through getting an agreement to a landlord and tenant dispute without going through the possession claims online or going through the court proceedings to get a possession order.

Our mediation product is perfect for taking the heat out of the landlord and tenant dispute. It offers a way for landlords and tenants to negotiate the way through a situation which neither party wanted nor created. In the aftermath of the pandemic, landlords and their tenants are looking for cost effective ways to resolve their disputes.  Claire thinks mediation is a way for parties to seek agreement in a controlled setting which is far cheaper than going to Court.

Mediation works both ways and will help resolve the disputes that crop up between landlords and their tenants and sub-tenants.   So, instead of litigating with a view to either repossessing property or claiming damages the parties can avoid the inevitable backlogs created by the courts in the wake of the pandemic.

Mediation gives everyone involved a softer landing when it comes to dealing with disputes. So, we’ve built up a panel of mediators led by a leading expert in this area to enable more and more landlords and tenant disputes to be dealt with through mediation. These trained mediators have experience in landlord and tenant law as landlord and tenant law has its own nuisances.

It’s got to be dealt with by mediators who understand the law and the landlord and tenant relationship so that an agreed way forward can be achieved.  As in many changes in the decade starting with 2020 mediations can be conducted in an online environment which we think is a positive thing. So, there’s no need for the parties to travel to a remote destination.  Instead, it can all be conducted with the mediator in a communication channel such as Zoom. It’s a huge plus point that technology has offered which is also very cost-effective for both parties.

Mediation gives people an opportunity to express what they are feeling and to get a date far quicker than using the forum of a civil court to settle a dispute.

If you’d like to use our mediation service as a landlord or a tenant, then you can reach out to Shergroup through [email protected], by phone, or by chat and tell us about your situation. We can then put you in touch with our mediation team, who can start the process of talking to you about your mediation process could entail.

And we are always here to discuss what you want to do before you send your papers across.

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