Hello and Welcome to the Shergroupie Podcast. Today, Claire Sandbrook, our Chief Shergroupie, is talking about serving Notices using a process server.  We know from all the conversations with our client community that this is a valuable and much needed service when repossessing property and must be undertaken with care and due diligence.

Our community includes private landlords, commercial landlords, surveyors, property managers and solicitors – all of whom are working to achieve the right outcome for the property they own or manage.  Over the years that we have been developing the Shergroup brand, we have grown our panel of nationwide process servers to provide this reliable and timely service when it’s needed.

When you work with Shergroup and send us your instruction, your business solutions advisor will find out exactly what you need when it comes to serving the paperwork for your case.  This includes finding out the timescale, the copies needed and any particular physical service requirements.

When you use Shergroup to serve your notice, you are kept up-to-date and “in the loop” on what’s happening.  Once the notice is served, we will provide you with the level of proof you need to confirm that the notice has been served, and you can put this proof before the court when needed.

And we can make recommendations to you, not only about how should the notice be served but also about how we suggest you get back the possession. Be it Common Law possession or under a High Court Writ of Possession we will give you the benefit of our advice on next steps, including what security measures we can put in place to stop a site from being occupied again.

We are a “one-stop-shop” for you, and you can think of us as a joined-up solutions provider, not just providing one piece of your service but in fact an entire solution to the problem that you’re facing.

If a job is time-sensitive or is outside the UK mainland then you call us to discuss those requirements because we can serve process anywhere in the world. We can go to Scotland, Northern Island, Europe and beyond. So, when it comes to process serving, we have a global network so don’t think of us as just working in England and Wales we can serve wherever you want us to.

We work hard to make sure that we get this service spot on for you in the way and on the date that is needed, and we look forward to working with you on your next process serving project.

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