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The Best Way To Use Instagram Reels To grow Your Business!

You’re not alone in wondering what’s up with all the new Instagram features that have come into the scene lately.

Instagram has introduced a slew of new content-creation tools for businesses and creators. There are plenty of new tools to help you use Instagram for business, from being able to share “memory” style posts like Facebook’s Time Hop, to offering Canva-style templates like “My 5 Favourite Destinations,” to showing you how to turn live photos into Boomerangs with a single (press-and-hold-down-style) touch.

One of these new tools is known as Reels.

You may have noticed other brands recently getting on the Reels bandwagon, and this is not by chance.

Because it’s so new, your content has a better chance of being seen by more people, which is tough to overlook if you’re wanting to build your brand and reach out to potential clients.

And because it feels both new and familiar, many people (and brands) are experimenting with it.

Why is Everyone Hooked on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are currently one of the most popular social media forms. Instagram observed that a competing platform was getting popular with an innovative content format (formerly Snapchat’s Stories, now TikTok) and stepped up its game to offer a similar feature that its users would enjoy.

While Instagram has always been a useful medium for businesses and marketers, Reels open up new avenues. The format is incredibly engaging, and it provides amazing reach and discoverability benefits that can assist marketers in rapidly growing their audiences.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a content type that allows you to create and share short engaging videos that do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike Instagram Stories. Reels are full-screen, vertical video clips on Instagram that typically include audio clips and visual effects. These short, user-generated videos are up to 90 seconds long and have specific video sizes and formats. You can create short videos, match them up to music or other audio, and share them on Instagram’s social media platform. They are an effective way to build engagement with your audience.

Consider them a mix of Stories and in-feed Posts. They follow the same format and tone as Stories. Reels, like feed posts, can have full-length captions that visitors can expand. People can engage with Reels by liking, sharing, and leaving comments.

Users can easily follow an account if they like the information on Reels. There’s a Follow button above the caption, right next to the brand name. Product tags can also be added to Reels, as shown in the example above.

Businesses are catching on to the benefits of using Reels to boost their Instagram presence. Companies use short films to engage their audience and raise brand awareness. This article will share tips for using Instagram Reels to increase brand awareness and engage your audience.

#1 Showcase Your Products

Reels provide an excellent opportunity for a little show and tell. Highlight your product’s top characteristics and discuss the advantages of using it. Coffee Over Cardio, for example, posts Instagram videos of their many coffee items. Don’t worry if you don’t have a product-based business. You can still utilise Reels to promote your service-related efforts.

Sharing services on Reels allows you to showcase your brand’s flair and how you do things differently. They’re also an excellent method to convey a tale, spice up testimonials and reviews, or raise excitement for your approaching launch.

#2 Give Followers A Peek Behind The Scenes

Your customers (whether they’re current or soon-to-be) will love seeing behind the curtain a bit.

So, use Reels to display your product being created, your service being given, that must-see photography moment, or even your office on a daily basis.

A “typical day” film is an excellent opportunity for personal brands to provide customers and clients with a genuine feel of their work lifestyle, and it can be useful for showcasing how a product fits into someone else’s daily routine.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to be completely honest with your potential customers. Highlight how you manufacture your items or provide your services. This is especially effective with ethically created products, products with a handmade component, or services supplied with extra and personalised care. However, anyone may showcase their procedure and make buyers feel as if they understand exactly what goes into the process. (Because they always do!)

This form of material lets your audience feel like they’re a part of your inner circle, whether you’re giving them a backstage pass to your podcast prep, outtakes from that influencer tape, or you utilise your Reels to showcase key team members. (And it’s a wonderful sensation.)

#3 Educate Potential Customers

You can also use Reels to do important marketing duties such as anticipating potential objections and presenting vital information that might assist clients in making a purchasing choice.

You can reveal new methods to use your product or gain outcomes from the service you provide.

Showing customers how to wear or style your goods, or when it’s the “ideal time” to use your service, can help them connect with your company even more, and provide insight into how your product or service will impact their lives.

Another innovative strategy for connecting with and converting customers? Spend some time creating FAQ Reels that answer the most often asked topics with comedy or fascinating images.

Alternatively, you can follow Shante, a tech thought leader, and answer questions from your feed posts, or use the Q&A sticker in Instagram stories to gather questions and answer them in Reels.

This new media can assist in making mundane items like course teasers, blog summaries, or future deals appear fresh and exciting.

And don’t pass up the opportunity to use Reels to make “How To” films that show customers how to accomplish something fantastic with your product or share your experience.

#4 Make It Fun and Personal

Let’s speak about using Instagram Reels to make things more fun and personal.

Whether you’re a personal brand or a larger corporation, your audience must connect with you on a personal level. And, while there may be some serious and professional moments, it is acceptable if the relationship is pleasant or even humorous.

Consider sharing your favourite morning rituals, beloved vacation places, that conference or event your team is attending or hosting, or the daily “oops” moments with which you know your audience can identify.

Give a trendy meme or video style that resonates with your brand a go. And, of course, share the bloopers or outtakes (if that’s your brand’s style). Create challenges that ask your audience to share their videos with you or tag you in their videos so you can see them!

And don’t be hesitant to highlight your inner monologues, repurpose your favourite TikToks, share your great achievements, or show off your best (and worst) dance moves. Genuine connections are born of vulnerability and honesty. They also result from you being genuine (and even ridiculous) with the individuals you serve.


Instagram Reels provide unique chances for businesses looking to expand their audiences. We know that the function helps users discover new products on a regular basis and that it has high engagement potential. Make the most of this format by providing Reels content on a regular basis and observing what performs best with your audience.

After you’ve begun experimenting with Instagram Reels for your business, see how many times a Reels video has been “liked” and shared. This data can assist you in making future content-creation decisions! Remember to include Reels in your entire marketing strategy so you can decide what type of material to create and when.

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