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How to Find Your Missing Debtor Quickly?

Often the creditors are in trouble when their debtor goes missing. Even in today’s dynamic environment it is not easy to find your missing debtor and can cost you a lot of money and time. If you try to find someone on your own, you’ll face a lack of information, dead ends, restricted records of dates of birth and phone numbers, and no access to expert people tracing methods like those we employ.

Fortunately, you have experts like SHERGROUP to rely on to find your missing debtor. Shergroup offers a debtor tracing investigation solution to quickly find your missing debtor and recover your dues.

If someone owes you money, it might be incredibly frustrating if they abruptly disappear, and you can’t find them. This article will cover how to track down your missing debtor, as well as some debtor tracing and debtor tracking services ideas and guidance.

The Problem of Trying To Locate A Debtor In The UK

If you’ve ever tried to locate a debtor in the United Kingdom, you know how difficult it can be. Unfortunately, trying to locate a debtor differs from trying to locate any other individual since debtors frequently evade attempts to locate them. It’s no surprise, then, that tracing a debtor’s address might be tricky.

Debtors employ a variety of techniques to avoid being traced. When confronted at the door, they may go off the grid or deny they are the subject. Frequently, debtors will try to place whatever application they submit in the name of their partner in order to avoid being discovered by debt collection agencies.

It will be considerably more difficult for you to locate them and submit them to a debt collection agency as a result of this. Even if you can locate them, you may face another challenge because the subject debtor will frequently deny their identity when confronted on the doorstep. This makes recovering the missing funds even more difficult.

Using A Debt Tracing Service

Although it can be very challenging to find a missing debtor yourself, a debt tracing company like Shergroup has the necessary skills and strategies to find them. Even if the subject debtor has gone off-grid in an attempt to avoid debt recovery, our debtor tracing experts trace the exact person you’re looking for to their current address with a full guarantee of the information.

Should the subject debtor then attempt to deny their identity when questioned at their home address, our debtor tracing experts have other strategies that they can employ to get around this problem. They can see any recent credit applications or other applications in the name of the subject at the address supplied as well as the name of the person who pays the telephone bill as well as whether the line remains active.

How tracing service work?

When you use Shergroup’s Find a person solution to trace your missing debtor we will require you to help us with whatever information you have at hand. Depending on the information you have and the level of service you require we will create a profile of the debtor.

We are professionals at extracting and analysing information from these sources, and our service is known for its rapidity. Based on the information we get from these databases, we may perform additional queries, such as acquiring telephone numbers and addresses where we suspect the subject may be located. All of this data is gathered from both internal and external dynamic sources.

This information includes the subject’s most recent credit activity as well as any addresses or phone numbers they may use.

Our debtor tracing service is built around comprehensive research. We don’t settle for a database entry as proof of residency; we go above and above. We compile, cross-reference, and link sources to guarantee we have the most up-to-date and accurate information about a subject’s whereabouts.

What Kind of Information Is Needed For Debtor Tracing?

When it comes to debtor tracking, there are some useful bits of information that a debtor tracing service will find incredibly useful. Some of the details that they may require, for example, are:

  • Confirmation of the full name of the debtor includes any middle name
  • Confirmation of the name of the debtor’s partner
  • The last known address at which the debtor was residing
  • The debtor’s full date of birth
  • Any other addresses that the debtor has lived at
  • The telephone numbers of the debtor, even if they are now disconnected including their mobile number
  • The email address of the debtor
  • Work details for the debtor
  • The business or personal website of the debtor

When the debt tracing agency obtains the aforementioned information regarding the debtor’s identity, they can begin to work rapidly discovering the debtor’s present residence. After they’ve done that, you’ll be allowed to send a letter before taking any action, and then take legal action if necessary.

Even if you don’t have all of the necessary information, it’s usually still possible to locate a debtor. You have nothing to lose if you use a no trace no fee debtor tracking service like Shergroup.

Finding Out a Debtor’s Financial Status

Another thing a debtor tracing agency can do that you can’t accomplish as a private individual determines the debtor’s financial situation. You’ll be able to see all of the debtor’s current liabilities and assets as a result of this. This type of information is critical in any debt collection action because it identifies whether they have any high-value assets. This makes it easier for the enforcement agent you choose to use that asset as leverage in order to collect your outstanding obligations.

Another reason it’s beneficial to obtain current financial background information before starting the debt collection procedure is to avoid paying court fees and other expenditures if the debtor has no available assets with which to repay the debt right now.

In these situations, it’s generally preferable to wait until the debtor has begun to re-establish themselves before pursuing them for money that they don’t have right now. You have up to six years from the day the debt was established to file a lawsuit, and another six years from the date the judgment was issued to enforce it. This suggests that there is no need to hurry shortly.

What Happens After a Debtor Has Been Traced?

Once we have traced your debtor to their new address, we supply you with a report. This report will show you all the sources of information that have been used to find the debtor and their current address so you can feel completely confident in the result of the trace.

Once you have the report, it’s recommended that you use an expert process server for the next step – verifying the subject debtor lives at the address supplied in the report and also that they are served with the legal notices or documentation. This is especially important if the debt case is of high value. You don’t have to look for a separate process server, Shergroup’s debt recovery team has expert process servers who will serve legal notices like court orders.


If you’ve ever attempted to trace a missing debtor on your own, you know how difficult it can be. As a private individual, you simply do not have access to the data necessary to locate the address information you require. This is why employing a specialised debtor tracing service, such as Shergroup, is important.

Debtor tracing necessitates highly specialised forensic tracing techniques that dig into data sets that only specialised debtor tracing firms like Shergroup have access to. This enables us to go deeper into a debtor’s trail of evidence and, in the vast majority of cases, generate positive findings in tracing UK debtors.

So, if you want to trace an old friend, find lost relatives, or maybe trace a debtor who owes you money, you should contact us. We know our stuff and our tracing team will have your back in contact in no time.

We’ll trace the exact person you’re looking for to their current address with a full guarantee of the information. Our tracing investigators are good at what they do because they specialise and focus on the core service of people tracing.

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