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Call The Bailiffs: Time To Pay Up | Episode 2 | Shergroup Enforcement

Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Solutions are now accessible to an even wider audience thanks to Channel 5’s “Call The Bailiffs | Time to Pay Up” TV show. With over 1,000,000 County Court Judgments issued every year in England and Wales, and CCJs being enforceable for up to 6 years without needing further permission from the Court, there was never a better time to watch the show and understand how High Court Enforcement Solutions can help you with one judgment or more.

Our Chief Shergroupie, Claire Sandbrook was featured on Channel 5’s new enforcement show Call The Bailiffs | Time to Pay Up along with her team of High Court Enforcement Agents. In this episode, you will watch more action, interesting cases, and a demonstration of professionalism by Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents. If you have missed watching here’s a brief recap of episode 2.

#1 £1,875 Owed by a Construction Company |

The company address is of a residential property. Three attempts have been made by our High Court Enforcement Agents to get to the debtor, but the debtor has been hiding. This time the Agents Mark & Virgil visit the residential property of the construction company and noticed that the windows were opened and knocked on the door. After some time, a woman answers the door, she’s an ex-partner of the person they are looking for. She explained to the agents that her ex-partner isn’t there, however she offered to call him. When the debtor got on the phone, he confessed that he has £200 now and requested Mark and Virgil to take this and settle for a monthly payment plan of £100. This payment plan was refused by our client and our agents gave the debtor 15 mins to try and arrange payment or they would have to escalate to the next stage.

The High Court Enforcement Agents thought he would be able to raise the money without having to seize assets from the company address, which was also the home of the ex-wife. Virgil is a multilingual agent, so he spoke to the defendant’s wife in Romanian and explained what was going on. Mark also said that, despite the ex-wife’s claim that the person doesn’t live at the address, there are open parcels addressed to him, and the address is the same one that they had visited, and he then went on to describe the next steps.

Mark and Virgil receive additional intelligence that the debtor owned a new E-Class Mercedes for which the ex-wife gave the High Court Enforcement Agents a new address so they could recover the vehicle to recover the debt.

The debtor called and offered £200 upfront and £200 each month, which was the most he could afford. The defendant requested 20 minutes to try to arrange finances after the High Court Enforcement Agents stated that £2500 would be added to the debt if they had to proceed to the next level. The debtor contacted and paid the amount in full. Once again Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents have done their job brilliantly.

#2 £2042 owed by a medical services company

In this case, you will see Agents Chris and Gavyn are chasing a debt owed by a medical services company. The director of the business also has a second business, a beauty clinic, so agent Chris and Gavyn decide to visit this address.

They were informed upon arrival that the defendant is currently in Dubai and is not in the country. The debtor is called in private, admits the debt and requests payment the next day. Shergroup’s enforcement agent Chris, indicated that he could give them seven days to pay, but that he would first seize ownership of the things for seven days. The fees would grow if this was not paid. The defendant insisted on not being able to pay the bill today.

The debtor was trying to contact friends for assistance in raising the money required to repay the obligation. Chris informed the defendant that he was not on-site to cause any problems and that he would not be removing the laptops at this time. He also reminded the defendant of the deadline and that if payment was not received, the goods will be seized (Taken into Control). Chris also mentioned that he knew about a beauty clinic that was only a few minutes away from their current location.

Debtor called back to say that a dentist friend was going to help with the debt, but that he was in the middle of a procedure with a patient and couldn’t interrupt the operation to pay. However, the payment would be made in 30 minutes. Chris granted the defendant the benefit of the doubt, and payment was received after the agreed-upon 30 minutes. The payment arrived just as a parking warden was about to issue them a parking ticket.

#3 £5856 owed for 4 +years of legal fees

In this case agents, Chrish and Gavyn are trying to chase a woman whose legal fees have been outstanding for over 4 years but she’s not proving easy to find. They have found a new trace address and are on their way to recovering a debt which is over £1.1 million in value. Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents were confident that they would be able to recover the payment in full this time or would find a nice car in the driveway that they could take control of.

The house, however, was run down, derelict, and vacant when we arrived. The windows were open, but no one was home. The proprietors had passed away, and their daughter had sold the property to a developer, according to Gavyn’s neighbours. The daughter was now living in Canada. The High Court Enforcement Agents were given the contact information for the developer and asked if they could assist with any information on the debtor. Shergroup’s Enforcement agent Chris emphasised that everyone can be located, and she will be found when she returns to the country.

#4 £2500 unpaid rent

Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents have been asked to recover an unpaid rent of £2500. The tenant had two High Court Writs issued for two separate months’ rent, KC and Alex have collected the first Writ and now they are on their way to collect the second. KC and Alex reach the tenant’s address and find a locked car on the drive.

KC finds the backdoor open and Alex checks the car parked in the drive. Both the agents stand at the door, outside the property and shout through into the house.

The High Court Enforcement Agents were not allowed into the property at the time due to covid restrictions. Alex is getting ready to clamp the automobile he discovered on the drive. A woman appears and pushes KC away from the door she is standing in front of. KC explains that the lady cannot touch her as this is an offence. The debtor then contacts the police, who clarifies that the agents are performing their responsibilities legally and are permitted to be on the premises.

The debtor also contacted their solicitor, who spoke with Alex, who took the time to explain how a High Court Writ is enforced to the solicitor.

The debtor’s partner tried to explain that they had already paid £2500 and now they are requesting another £2500, which he says would not be paid. The debtor and her companion then decide to leave in another vehicle.

Warning notices are placed on the car, informing the driver that the vehicle may be removed. Before the vehicle may be removed, the clamp must remain on it for two hours, giving the debtor time to pay the amount.

An unknown male appears and tries to explain that the automobile is his and that his partner recently sold it to him, but no proof is provided.

The debtor has returned with her partner and offered to pay £500 now and the remaining next week, but the agent refused. The debtor states she will sit in the car, but the agents explain that doing so would be obstructing an Enforcement Agent from performing their duties, which would be a criminal offence, and they would warn the debtor against doing so.

Alex explains all the actions that can be taken against the debtor if the debt is not paid to start with seizing their car. But the couple drives away again. Alex and KC are left with no other option but to take control of the vehicle. After 4.5 hours of being on-site, the car is removed for sale at auction. The debtor makes the payment in full 2 weeks later plus an additional £700 for removal and storage costs.


If you missed any episode from, Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up, it can be found on Channel 5’s catch up programmes (My5), below is the link to Episode 1 |

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