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CCJ Transfer Up to High Court Enforcement


Welcome to Shergroup’s comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses facing the challenges of enforcing County Court Judgments (CCJs).Β  Our Cashflow Solution to manage and enforce the CCJ in your favour is designed for everyone who finds the process of CCJ enforcement a chore!Β Β  We take your CCJ, check it, and if we can transfer it to the High Court we will take care of that for you.Β  If we can’t then we will call you with other options.

We understand all to well the impact that an unpaid CCJ can have on your financial stability, and our dedicated and friendly team is here to help you navigate through the process seamlessly.

Shergroup’s CCJ Transfer Service |

What is CCJ Transfer?

A County Court Judgment in your favour is a court order requiring your debtor or Defendant to pay you a specific amount.Β  If your debtor doesn’t pay you within one month of the CCJ being entered on the court record it can have a severe impact on the credit score of that person or business.

Shergroup’s CCJ Transfer service provides a clear and straightforward way for individuals and businesses to transfer their CCJs to the High Court for more efficient and effective enforcement.

Why Choose CCJ Transfer Up to High Court Enforcement?

Our CCJ Transfer service offers a streamlined process, enabling you to elevate your case to High Court Enforcement, where the power of enforcement is considerably stronger. This strategic move enhances the chances of successful recovery and resolution.

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