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Why do I need my business photographs for my website? Isn’t it possible to find free image websites or stock photos? I could also do it myself, right?

Let us explain you why you should start using your business photos to attract audience’s attention. Photos play a very important role on your website. They serve a bigger purpose than making your website design look good. Images hold the viewer’s attention, improve the user experience, and help with SEO.

In addition, there are numerous places where you can licence stock photographs rather than commissioning unique photography. When it comes to stock photographs, there can be a considerable difference in quality, so make sure your choices feel fresh and aren’t overly contrived or corny. You should also look at your competitors’ websites to ensure they aren’t utilising the identical stock photos.

Images can consist of photographs, infographics, cartoons, GIFs or other visual elements. There isn’t a single website that doesn’t use images in some form. Images help users connect with your site and feel at ease. Clear, sharp photographs may assist you improve the overall performance of your website.

Images Matter because

In this fast moving, mobile driven world getting people’s attention is more difficult than ever. And images give web designers a way to deliver information very quickly. Also, research suggest that 80% what they see and only 20% what they read. So, if images are used effectively, your business can gain a lot more traffic and therefore conversions, whether that be making sales or gaining enquiries. Therefore, you can improve your site’s user experience as well as boost your SEO by using your business photos.

Here are the top five reasons images are important for your website.

#1 Gets You More Views and Clicks

Images not only catch the attention of human beings as we are visual beings but it also sparks emotions and draw us in. As a result, if your website contains appealing picture, there is a greater likelihood that people will view and click through it. Images on a website can enhance the user experience and help to communicate crucial information in a more digestible manner. By enhancing this, visitors are more likely to stay on your website and are more likely to convert into an enquiry or sale!

#2 Bringing Your Product to Life

There is no doubt that content is very important to explain your website visitors about your products and services, but photos help you make the best first impression.

They bring your offering to life and provide your visitors the ability to visualise and picture using it; these increases sales and highlights your brand.

#3 Fuelling Social Media

Social media has shown to be extremely important for many businesses nowadays, and images affects your position on all platforms. More people will interact with your social media postings if you include photographs since they stimulate an emotional response, such as a ‘like,’ a ‘comment,’ or a ‘share.’ All of these steps are important for promoting your business and attracting more visitors.

#4 Higher Search Engine Ranking

Did you realise that photos might help your search engine indexing? The captions you use to label your photographs add more content for SEO purposes. If it is a true description of the image with some extra keywords, the information will appear for both online and image searches, increasing your chances of being found.

#5 Compliments Your Design

The apparent purpose for including photos in web design is to improve the appearance of the website. However, utilising old photographs on your website and expecting people to love it is not acceptable. The photographs must be relevant to your text and of excellent quality. People will notice if the visuals are irrelevant and awful. Keep your visuals related to the content to avoid viewer misunderstanding. Attract the viewer’s attention and elicit the desired response. Your website should always serve as your primary storyteller. Infographics, cartoons, and GIFs convey a lot of information in an engaging and effective way.

#6 Convert your leads

Content and photos may both boost user engagement on your site and result in longer visit times for users, giving you more time to sell your goods. Your photographs help to describe your facility and clarify your business’s services by providing easy-to-scan information. High-quality photographs assist you convert online leads by driving more traffic to your website. It also contributes to increased traffic and higher rankings.

#7 E-commerce

Product photos are an essential component of every E-commerce website. An internet buyer will be cautious about where they buy from to avoid their credit card information falling into the wrong hands. A customer will never trust a product that they cannot see. With high-quality and professional photos, your product’s chances of success skyrocket. Because the product image is the first thing the buyer sees, high quality photographs that easily represent the style and a feature of each product are required.

#8 Using image quality to sell your product

Images help in the conveying of the story. Remember how essential visuals are while reading a children’s book? Images aid in presenting the tale of your website’s service and building trust between your company and its clients. Crisp and clear photographs may demonstrate how clean, secure, and well-maintained your facility is, which aids in turning a potential lead into a paying customer.





There is no doubt that using photos correctly will improve several areas of your website. But take note of the word ‘correct.’ Any cute looking image will not work for you, you have to select an image that reflects your business.

And if you’re thinking of removing most of your images to speed up your site, take a moment to optimise them or convert them to WebP format first.

Images present a powerful opportunity to drive visitors to your website – and ultimately to the door of your local business. Shergroup experts can help with every step of the process of integrating images into your website strategy, from design to search engine optimization and even original photography.

So, get started.

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