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Why is Warehouse Security So Important?

Many commercial businesses consider warehouse security to be one of the most crucial parts of their operations. Security issues will result in financial losses as well as lower employee morale. Companies all over the world rely on their warehouses to keep valuable components of their business, and security issues will result in financial losses as well as lower employee morale. That is why unauthorised entry to logistics businesses and storage facilities must be protected by physical obstacles and security deterrents.
The worth of a warehouse, or more precisely, its contents, is well understood by criminals. An unattended warehouse is an open invitation for burglars hunting for high-value commodities to resale. You’re putting your merchandise and employees at risk if you don’t have professionals providing warehouse security. Hiring professional security services is an important step to take if you want to secure your organisation.

You should be able to rest assured that your inventory is safe and secure at all times, whether you have short- or long-term storage needs. That’s why, in order to prevent theft and protect your inventory, you’ll need a sophisticated, comprehensive warehouse security system.

Why Warehouse Security is Important?

Warehouse security is an important aspect of commercial enterprise security. Companies rely on the storage of stocks of goods, which are valuable assets to them. Breach of security would almost certainly result in monetary loss as well as emotional and mental stress for employees and owners.

Loss of inventory as a result of warehouse theft or negligence, regardless of how much insurance is in place, can be a very costly and unpleasant experience. According to the FBI, just 31.4 per cent of stolen goods in the United States is ever recovered. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about your items being lost or damaged as a result of a lack of effective and comprehensive warehouse security measures.

At all times, your merchandise should be safe and secure. That’s why it’s important to trust your warehouse provider to store your goods and products in a facility that meets the highest security standards and employs cutting-edge warehouse theft prevention technology. Alarm systems that operate 24 hours a day, video surveillance technology, and coordinated security patrols are among them. We provide these security precautions and more at Shergroup, in addition to technology that allows you to monitor your inventory data in real-time.

Security Measures to Keep Your Warehouse Safe |

1. Uniformed Security Officers

Having your warehouse secured by skilled ununiformed security guards helps make your employees feel safe and can boost productivity. If your employees have to work in night shift, a security guard can often increase employee morale regarding safety during night hours.

Security guards serve as deterrents and are essential in preventing external and internal theft, while uniforms serve as a visible deterrent to criminals. Security personnel are also taught how to react in an emergency. Employees can benefit from their assistance, and first responders can benefit from their assistance.

2. Video Surveillance Cameras

Warehouse security requires strategically positioned video surveillance cameras. Cameras and video give a permanent record of activity that may be retrieved at any moment and preserved for a set period.

Business owners and managers may monitor the video system in real-time from wherever they are with a remote system.

You should consider installing a video surveillance security system that gives you:

  • Good quality real-time recording in multiple areas
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quick retrieval of the video footage
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Archiving and adequate storage
  • Integration with other security systems

Both inside and outside the warehouse, cameras should be installed. They should be placed in regions that have adequate illumination. When motion sensor lighting is used, it can help guarantee that there is adequate lighting when it is required.

3. Alarm System

An alarm system with alarm monitoring is one of the most important components of a warehouse security system. The video surveillance system’s remote monitoring offers not just an alarm that something is happening, but also a video of the scenario. The size of your warehouse, whether you have zones, and the sorts of access within the premises will all influence your alarm system. Other system components (fire, smoke, gas, chemicals, etc.) may also be integrated with some alarm solutions.

4. Motion Sensors

An effective alarm system relies heavily on motion sensors. Motion detection alarms can send notifications to your security firm and/or police enforcement in the event of unwanted access to the warehouse or a zone, which is prevalent in warehouses.

While security companies will advise that the following four aspects be mandatory for a warehouse, the security factors listed below should also be implemented.

#1 Sturdy Building Structure

Check your building’s structure and the environment around it regularly to see if any repairs are required. To eliminate hiding areas and create clear lines of vision, clean out debris and unwanted stuff.

#2 Good Lighting

Make sure there is adequate illumination both inside and outside the warehouse. Ensures that all entrances and exits, gates, loading docks, outdoor storage facilities, parking lots, fence lines, and the perimeter of the property are well-lit. Burned-out or damaged lights should be replaced.

#3 Fencing

A warehouse’s perimeter fence is an ideal initial line of defence. It provides security for your staff while also preventing any criminal activity. If you have property fencing, keep it up to date. Implement systems to document who enters your property if you don’t have or can’t install fencing. Professionally implemented access control systems can be quite complex and successful when it comes to documenting unauthorised entrance. These systems are frequently connected with other security systems to provide additional layers of protection.

#4 Access Control System

Access control systems keep track of who enters and exits a building. For employees, it could be a lock and key or a key code. Professionally installed systems can use a fob, an ID badge, or biometrics like face scanning or fingerprint scanning. Even a misplaced fob or key code may be swiftly cancelled with these systems, which helps to retain a level of security.

#5 Implement a Sign-In Process

If your warehouse is busy, keeping track of visitors and deliveries using a sign-in log is a simple way to stay organised. If individuals come and go all day in your warehouse, having a sign-in book or log will help you keep track of what’s going on. It’s a good idea to require non-workers to sign in before granting them entrance to the premises, especially if your staff use a security system. In the event of an emergency, this also makes it easy to trace who is in your warehouse.

#6 Cyber Security

Most likely, you utilise computer equipment to keep track of inventory in your warehouse. Protecting that data, as well as the security of your facility, extends to the digital realm. Network and cyber security breaches are becoming increasingly complex and catastrophic. Secure your network and computer systems to protect the data in your warehouse.


Criminals will choose an easier and less protected target over a well-protected one, just as they would with any business or residence. A warehouse break-in poses a significant risk of loss but speaking with Shergroup and implementing a thorough security system will help you mitigate that risk. At Shergroup, we’re committed to protecting your inventory with the highest level of security. Our state-of-the-art video monitoring systems, high definition monitored alarm systems, and regularly patrolled yards can assure you that your inventory will be safe and secure.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional security team for your warehouse. Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is well-secured comes from keeping your staff and your inventory safe, and proactively preparing for any disaster. You’ll also present a professional and serious face to anyone who approaches your premises. Investing in your warehouse security is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in your business. Call us for a no-obligation enquiry today. We look forward to keeping your warehouse and business secure.

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