Hello, it’s Claire Sandbrook from Shergroup and welcome to Sandbrook’s Soapbox!

Sandbrook’s Soapbox is Claire’s personal take on the different aspects of High Court Enforcement, the life of enforcement officers and the role of government. Claire is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, and she has had the opportunity and the privilege to work with government officials, senior judges, and court users in her career span.

She’s made her mark in being forthright and clear in her vision for High Court Enforcement and the delivery of justice through enforcement services. Claire believes she’s a person of ideas, and her community recognises her as a successful entrepreneur. So, through this Soapbox, Claire wants to voice her opinion on what she sees in the enforcement world today.

As a listener, you would enjoy it when Claire reveals some secrets in relation to government regulations, trade association pronouncements, reported decisions from the courts, and probably a bit of gossip from the enforcement industry that might wind you up. Sandbrook’s Soapbox is an area of our website where we will be forthright. So, to take it forward we would like to invite you to come on and be part of our podcast and videos and tell us what works for you in the civil justice arena. Don’t be shy. It doesn’t work all the time, and there are still gaping holes that need to be fixed.

As enforcement specialists, we need to talk about what works and what doesn’t because it’s important in England and Wales, which is the home of the common law system across the world. Court users issue thousands of claims every year in the civil courts for the recovery of money and the recovery of property. Many of these people are not represented by trade associations and have no voice in how they find the system of delivery. This means that those of us who do have some influence and a voice should work as efficiently as possible to process the amount of court business that we receive and to look at where we can fix problems for court users, whilst at the same time, maintaining a balance in the system for those on the other end of the judgment, the debtor, or the defendant.

What Claire wants to highlight is that from the issue of the claim up to the entry of the judgment for issuing an order, the civil court system works relatively well. With online systems for both money and property claims, the UK government,.gov.uk, has done a good job in getting the processing of claims into a digital form of business.

When we say “Digital” are you reminded of other content that we’ve put out from Shergroup?  We talk about this a lot as we’re encouraging more and more people to look at the digital transformation of their business. Suffice to say that the government, as you would hope, has been leading the way on this and have been on its journey over the last 20 years.

But what we have seen over the years is that everything becomes so much more complicated for the government when it comes to enforcing the court’s judgment or order. And this is where we want to get stuck in, into the how and why the government needs to step up its efforts to get the systems working for the benefit of court users. That’s you. The system should be people’s centric, you pay the fees, you’re the customer. And Shergroup wants to see you getting the right level of delivery from all of us involved in the enforcement process.

So, with this Soapbox, Claire wants to continue to voice her opinion, but wants to hear what you think of the current system. We want to know what’s working for you in the civil courts. So, get ready for some peppery discussions and let’s get the conversation going with you. You are our community. You are our audience. What works for you, and what would you like to see? Where are the delays? Where are the bottlenecks? Where have you lost money because of delays? What would you like to see in terms of county court bailiffs? What would you like to see in terms of high court enforcement officers? What would you like to see in terms of the transfer up the process?

You must have also seen our TV Show Call The Bailiffs, so now you know that Claire is an absolute expert in the subject matter realities of enforcement and she will be able to listen to you and guide you well. You can reach Claire through our contact channels and make your opinion heard. And we’ll be inviting commentators to come on to our podcasts and onto our Facebook Live and recordings so that they can share their insight and their expertise.

So, we look forward to hearing from you, and if you would like to be involved in a podcast or interview with Claire about your views on enforcement, then we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to talking to you in the future.