March 2022 is the month of international business ideas. Surprised?  Even we were befing on our monthly content planner.  So, at Shergroup, we are using this theme to spring into action with new business ideas, that puts a spring in our step, and the footsteps of our community of business owners.  Let’s face it we all need a shot of that after coming out of the pandemic.

So, if you’re not feeling that enthusiastic about your business at the moment and you’re listening to this podcast, then, trust us you’re not alone.  Some days you may not just want to jump out of bed and rush to your desk!  We get it!

Everyone has to start somewhere on their digital journey. And going digital, it’s what everybody is talking about in terms of digital technology, digital data, digital media, digital transformation, digital marketing. And we could get quite sick of the word digital, but whatever a company’s vision is for their future they need to embrace digital transformation.

And what we want to do is just keep talking about this change and bring you new ideas on how to make the most of it in your own business.  Some people will be way in front of us and some people will be way behind us. And wherever we are, we have just got to keep moving forward, don’t we?

So, for the benefit of our community, we are promoting the idea of our FREE digital marketing review. This simple plan, based on our own experience of building our digital marketing agency, is designed to help you analyze your digital journey and see what you need to improve your position and surpass, frankly, your competition.

From this review, we can help you build a digital marketing plan, encompassing all the elements you hear about, but which no one wants to seem to deliver in a joined-up way. Somebody might deliver a website. Somebody might do your Facebook. Somebody might do your Google ads. Somebody might write your content, but it’s all got to come together. And it’s all got to come together, really, on the front page of your website because that’s your online shop window. But the good news is that it’s not too late to get started or to revisit what you already have in place.  We can re-purpose and re-build.

You’ll be relieved to hear there’s no need to junk everything and start from scratch.   We look at what you’ve got and analyze your current traffic and then we work out how to move your traffic forward into what we call “Forever Traffic”.

If you lack the time, resources, and know-how needed to build up your website to Google standards, we can help you to create a way forward for all your digital marketing components including |

·         Your website

·         E-commerce store

·         Email list

·         Social media posts

·         Google Analytics

·         Targeted content

·         SEO and keywords

You can benefit from our approach which we have now packaged into 4 levels of support in our digital marketing package.

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