Marketing Solutions 

Welcome to the Shergroupie Podcast. Today, Claire Sandbrook, our Chief Shergroupie is going to talk about ‘Building up Your Email List’ and how it can help in growing your business. So, sit tight and listen to what Claire has to share from her experience of building an email list and how has it benefitted Shergroup.

How many of you know the name of all your customers stored in your database or Rolodex? Do you find any gaps, or do you need some help? If you do Shergroup can help you build your customer list so that you can do more business and grow your profits.

One of the services from our marketing solutions is ‘Mange Your CRM Data’. We offer this service to help you manage your customer data. This service extends to not only getting your current customer data in place but also helps in building a list with the kind of customers you’d like in the future, your prospects.

How We do it | We take your email list, your Rolodex, and pull out your customer details from your financial data, your ordering data, sales data, LinkedIn, case management systems and social media pages and we plug all this data into One big email list.

Once we have a list with all the curated data then we add more data to that email list with the type of customers you’d want to sell to and grow your universe of customers.

It took us a decade to curate all our data and build a huge email list with more than 200,000  contacts in our list. We took that challenge up and today we are reaping the fruits in terms of more visibility, more leads, and more customers.

We offer this data handling and email list management service to everyone on our mailing list. As we know business owners need that help, in pulling their data together. Without that sort of help the data either gets lost or sits on your system forever. You can gather all the data together and use it to communicate with your entire universe of suppliers, customers, influencers, family, friends, co-workers. This piques people’s attention, prompting them to talk about your brand, what you do, visit your website and social media pages, all this can help you in measuring the interest in your business.

It gives you a direction to move forward and see where the future lies for you. You can put in more effort in selling more of your products and services to the people that want them.

We can check to see whether you have a CRM system in place once we’ve established an email list for you. If we can assist you in putting everything together and getting your system to start generating more leads and driving more visitors to your website, that would be fantastic.

We can even help you to update or refresh your website look. Before you even decide to jump into creating your social media pages, we would advise you to create your email list first. It’s a great medium to connect with your audience.

Getting your brand out there is important. If you want Shergroup to curate all that data for you, we’d be happy to do it. We have built our data over a decade and know how to use it to grow our business. So, make use of our experience and give your business a kickstart into a great selling experience. Once we have all your data in one single place, we can import that to our lead generation and marketing program.

If you already have a website, then we can take a look at how it’s working for you. Whether we can contribute to bring in more traffic and turn those leads into customers for you.

Gathering all your data and building your email list is the first step. You have all the data you need right under your nose; you just didn’t realize. It’s the foundation for growing your website’s traffic and establishing your social media presence. We can assist you in taking that first step by harnessing the data in a few simple steps.

So, we recommend that you begin gathering your excel sheets. Start thinking