In this Podcast Claire talks about how to enforce payment of an Employment Tribunal Award, or ACAS Settlement Award, when usually the employer doesn’t want to pay up.  Use this service if you have been awarded compensation against your former employer, either by an Employment Tribunal or by ACAS, and you haven’t received your money. This can be a very difficult situation for a former employee – because they want their money, but going up against a former employer who lost in proceedings can be intimidating.

Whatever the amount, and as long as the Award is not more than 6 years old, we can help you.  You can use this service as soon as your employer defaults in making the payment.

All you have to do is upload your Award paperwork (every page please) and fill in your details.  We charge just £66.00 which is the Court Fee for sealing the paperwork which gives us our authority to enforce payment.  This is called a Writ of Control.

We can understand if you have put off the enforcement of your Award and don’t really want the hassle.  But it’s worth a try.  Don’t give up.  You’re entitled to interest on your Award which can be significant as it is growing at 8% per annum.  That’s better than any bank rate at the moment.

Also if you used other enforcement agents and they couldn’t get a result for you we would like to see if we can help you.  You can instruct Shergroup to see if we can do better, and before doing this you can talk to us about your enforcement experience.  We will soon get a feel for whether you have a chance or are wasting your time.

Our service involves converting the Tribunal or ACAS Award into a High Court Writ of Control, which gives our High Court Enforcement Officer and her enforcement agents legal authority to take legal control of the goods of your former employer.  This then puts you in the position of a creditor.  So, if your former employer refuses to pay your Award, then goods can be taken to be sold to pay your Award.  We can’t guarantee you 100% success, but it certainly puts you in the driving seat and gives you a good chance of getting paid quickly.

Just scan or click photos of each page of the Award paperwork and click on the “Upload” button.  Then fill in your details, and pay the fee.

Our friendly and expert team of Business Solutions Advisors will help you through our process and keep you informed of what’s happening.   Check out our website at www.shergroup.com, and join our community!  You can chat with us – or email us at [email protected].  So take it easy and let’s see if we can get you on the right track.