Welcome to the Shergroupie Podcast! Listen to our Chief Shergroupie, Claire Sandbrook, talk about a case from Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up. In this case, the Judgment Creditor is a PPI claims management company. They collect PPI compensation for their customers and pay it directly to them. You can hear Claire Sandbrook explain how a PPI company will enforce payment of commission which has not been returned to them by their former customer, who is now the Judgment Debtor.

Under the terms of the PPI recovery contract, the amount of commission due to the claims company has to be paid back to them from the customer. Whilst this may seem a little bizarre that’s the way they work.

So, in this storyline, the claim was in respect of unpaid PPI commission. Our client company entered judgment on 11th March 2020 using Money Claims Online. As is their process, they instructed Shergroup to transfer the judgment from the County Court to the High Court.

Despite the court system being in uproar at the start of the pandemic, Shergroup’s Business Solution Advisor, Anthony Bousfield, managed the transfer through the upheaval caused by the lockdown.

Although the Writ of Control was sealed on the 14th of April 2020 for an amount of £1,016,24 including costs of execution and interest, it took a great deal of effort to encourage the judgment debtor to part with her money.

Payment in full was finally collected on the third visit by Agents Mark and Virgil. The date range of visits went from 16th October 2020, with payment eventually being made on the 3rd visit to a very snowy address in Suffolk on 15th February 2021. Between each visit, Shergroup’s Debtor Services TEAM kept in constant contact with the judgment debtor to remind her of her obligations.

Agents Mark and Virgil couldn’t find goods in the garden, but they located the car parked outside the property and checked it for the name of the Registered Keeper.

There was a link between the vehicle and the debtor’s address and that was enough for the Agents to warn the debtor that the vehicle could be taken into legal control if payment wasn’t made.

Agent Mark told the debtor that she could pay by “Cash, card or goods”, which is a pleasant way of reminding a debtor of the payment options which would include the removal of the car if cash or card weren’t possible. It’s simple to pay what is owed, or the goods are at risk of being removed.

As it was in this case the debtor offered to pay by instalments, but that offer was refused. The debtor gets her husband on the phone and despite valuing the snowman Agent Mark confirmed that wasn’t going to be enough.

Finally, the husband agrees to pay the debtor in full. Agent Mark confirms to the camera that he treats the debtors with respect, and he displays this respect time and time again with the debtors he meets in the TV show.

The approach taken by the Agents in this storyline is how we enforce any judgment entrusted to us. Sometimes there can be inbuilt delays in the system and in 2020 of course the court system suffered serious backlogs due to the pandemic. But despite this challenge, we were impressed with how the High Court brought its system for issuing Writs of Control online in very short order and kept open email communications on the timescales for Writs being issued. This helped Shergroup and our clients in a very difficult situation so we would like to say a massive thank you to the High Court staff at Central Office in London for their support.

If you’re a creditor with a judgment from any court who can be helped by Shergroup, please reach us at [email protected]. You can also use our Free Review service to check your judgment and know your next step | https://shergroup.com/ccj-free-review/.


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