Parliament square eviction

Parliament square eviction

Parliament square eviction

Leading Essex-based High Court enforcement agency Shergroup has been honoured for its outstanding customer service.

Shergroup Enforcement acting under a High Court Writ of Possession successfully removed peace campaigners from Parliament Square in London in the early hours of Tuesday 20 July.

Demonstrators had built a makeshift camp outside Parliament, creating an eyesore which London Mayor Boris Johnson wanted removed.

Twenty enforcement officers from Shergroup, supported by a security team, removed around 60 campaigners in a four hour-long operation which started at 1am.

A specialist climbing team was used to bring protestors down safely from scaffolding; one woman who locked herself around her neck onto the scaffolding with a bike lock was also safely removed.

Shergroup Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook said: “The enforcement of the High Court Writ of Possession was carried out safely and quickly. By dawn the protestors had all been safely removed from the site as part of the eviction process. Fencing was then erected around the perimeter of the site to keep the unwanted visitors out.

“We would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for their help and support in planning what was a very efficient eviction. It was a great example of High Court Enforcement Officers, the police and other authorities working in partnership and we are pleased to see that the rule of law has prevailed.”

22 July 2010
Shergroup has reacted angrily to coverage that appeared on BBC Breakfast News, BBC news online and BBC London News that appears to show a protestor being assaulted by one of its High Court Enforcement Officers tasked with evicting protesters from Parliament Square on July 20th. Official video footage taken from another angle clearly shows that far from assaulting the protestor, he is in fact attempting to free his leg from the grip of the demonstrator’s legs.

Following Shergroup’s thorough investigation, including interviews with all three officers closest to events, it is satisfied that all actions carried out on Tuesday morning were in accordance with regulations and its own Health & Safety Policy and Operational Plan.

Despite requests from Shergroup to the BBC not to publish any material involving this alleged incident until it had been investigated, it was published on the BBC website and then aired on Breakfast News, and again on BBC London News.

Claire Sandbrook, CEO of Shergroup adds: “In the interests of balanced and fair reporting, it would have been better for the BBC to check its facts thoroughly and allow Shergroup to carry out its own investigation using official footage of the event before publishing.

“This has brought the conduct of the High Court and its officers into disrepute and as such Shergroup is considering launching legal action against the BBC for defamation of its reputation.”

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