New online forms launched for shergroup clients

New online forms launched for shergroup clients

New online forms launched for shergroup clients

Creditors and claimants who need to enforce a High Court Writ can now instruct Shergroup in an online format for the first time. The new services – the first of their kind in the HCEO enforcement sector – are available at both and , ensuring a quick and straightforward way to deliver money judgments or orders for possession to Shergroup’s HCEOs in a highly secure environment.

Court fees are paid online where the client has access to a credit card or debit card, or the instruction form can just be filled in on-screen, printed off and sent into Shergroup with a cheque made payable to the original ‘SLC’.

While Shergroup’s origins date back as far as the 18th century, was and it is known by those in the legal profession of a certain age as Burchell & Ruston, these new web-based services highlight the company’s firm commitment to invest in 21st century technology.

Shergroup Chief Executive, Claire Sandbrook, said: “We wanted to make the instruction process as easy as possible for our clients – no-one has time to pull out all the paperwork, and even requesting a cheque for the court fee is a chore if the fee can be paid using the company credit card.

“Every day we measure how many transfers we are receiving online, and the number is growing steadily. Our clients love the new system because it is so straightforward, which means we can act on their instructions far quicker than for non-online clients.

“Of course,” she added, “we know many companies have to raise cheques through their accounts departments, so they can still pay by cheque if that is more convenient for them.”

Mrs Sandbrook stressed that the online registration systems have been installed with the highest possible levels of security.

“We are dealing with very commercially sensitive information, so we ensure we adhere to the data security standards of ISO 27000:2001.”

Online registrations are important additions to the company’s portfolio of innovative services, which continues to develop its position as a provider of a range of outsourced business services in the security, outsourcing, legal and enforcement sectors.