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Call The Bailiffs: Time To Pay Up | Episode 1 | Shergroup Enforcement

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Welcome to Shergroup’s own enforcement TV Show Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up where our highly skilled and professional enforcement agents work to enforce orders and judgments of the High Court. The “Call The Bailiffs | Time to Pay Up” TV show has been produced for Channel 5 TV by Middlechild Productions. Led by Award-Winning Producer, Andrew Eastel, the show has been developed using Shergroup’s expertise in High Court Enforcement.

Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Solutions are now accessible to an even wider audience thanks to Channel 5’s “Call The Bailiffs | Time to Pay Up” TV show. Through the power of TV, Shergroup and its national panel of carefully selected enforcement agents look into the world of bailiffs and how it helps creditors see the right outcome for their litigation and enforcement process.

Let’s take a look at the Episode 1 Highlights here |

#1 £14,466 Owed by a Car Sales Company in High Wycombe

In episode 1 you will watch Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents enforce High Court Writs against debtors to recover their clients’ money. You will also see what challenges our High Court Enforcement Agents face dealing with stubborn debtors and how they get them to pay the amount. In this episode, our agents Alex and Sherry are all set to visit a Car Sales company that owed £14,466 to a customer for a faulty car they sold them.

Alex has made a couple of visits to this car sales company earlier, but he was abused, not heard and shown the exit door. Now Claire Sandbrook, the Chief Shergroupie and Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer under whose name the Writ has been issued has asked Sherry to accompany Alex as he makes his fourth visit to this car sales company. The agents are heading with a motive to seize the goods to get the debtor to pay and if the money is still not forthcoming, the seized goods will be sold by Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement Agents to recover the amount on the Writ.

The person whom they spoke to first refused that he was the director of the car sales company, then he was adamant that the cars parked outside the house had nothing to do with the address and did not belong to the car sales company. He made repeated failed attempts to delete the evidence that the company had been selling the cars online but Sherry and Alex had the screenshots of the vehicles that belonged to the company. And attempts to establish the owner as another entity were made on non-letterhead paper with no supporting documentation.

Despite the vehicles being clamped two hours after our high court enforcement agents arrived at the address, the debtor claimed no continued connection to the company/cars. Even after we explained that the debt would increase by around £2,000 if a tow truck was called, the debtor refused to provide proof, claiming that the vehicles should not be repossessed until the tow truck arrived.

Alex called the police (as is the right of an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) executing a writ on behalf of the High Court) to ensure that no breach of the peace occurred, and happily, no physical violence occurred as a result of his actions. Even though the debtor came dangerously close to being charged with obstructing the removal of a car that had been taken into custody by Enforcement Agents under a High Court writ, the situation was resolved, and the debtor agreed to pay our client in full after our High Court Enforcement team had been on the premises for four hours. The tow truck was dispatched after the payment was confirmed as received by the office.

But as soon as the tow trucks were called by Alex the former director of the company had a change of heart and all the protests went away. Alex and Sherry were successful to recover the debt amount and the additional truck charges of £2,000.

#2 £6,688 Owed by a Housewares retailer to one of their Suppliers in Croydon |

Alex and KC are heading to a shopping centre to visit a Housewares retailer who owes more than £6,000 to one of their suppliers for over 3 years.

This particular case was being looked after by our business solutions advisors head Raz and you will hear her saying that this was a difficult case and has been going on for a couple of years so now she’s appointed Alex and KC to chase the debtor and recover the debt.

When Alex and KC reached the address of the debtor the director of the business was not present at the shop. One of the staff gets Alex connected to the director on the phone but he denies any connection with the supplier and that he owes him anything. Alex explains to him that he has a High Court Writ against the director of the business, so either he pays in full, or agents will seize the goods in the shop.

After the 15 minutes deadline the director calls and still, there is no sign of payment. Alex and KC have no option but to move to the next step and call a locksmith to change the locks to the shop doors so that they could take possession to establish which items to repossess. After Alex makes a call to the locksmith the debtor recalled the three-year-old debt and asked his solicitor to speak with our Enforcement Agents and tell them that he would be paying the debt.

The debtor then sought to negotiate on the amount owing, asking to settle for only half of the amount owed, but our High Court Enforcement Agents carefully stated that once the locksmith arrived, they would have more than enough items to repossess, and the debtor promptly paid the sum in full.

#3 £2,173 Unpaid Solicitor Costs

You will see Alex and KC travelling for miles on this second visit to the same address within 10 days. The CCJ was issued 18 months ago but there was no sign of the money, so our agents were asked to pay a visit. In Alex’s last visit the debtor assured that the debt would be paid in full, followed by texts advising that they were sorry for the delay and it would now be paid in full, and another similar text. Our client then actioned a High Court Writ and we think that was the only way he would be able to recover their fees, as well as the costs incurred in addition to the original debt if the case was heard and found against you in a court of law.

Alex is an experienced Enforcement Agent and once again he demonstrated his excellent communication skills. He spoke to the debtor’s aunt through a barely open window and explaining her the issue.

When the aunt informed Alex and KC that the debtor’s father was on his way to address the debt with them, they politely recommended that they would wait in the car until he arrived. When the debtor’s father arrived, he immediately settled the bill in full on behalf of his son, allowing our client to get full payment of their past-due costs.

#4 £1,965 Unpaid PPI reclaim, agents commission in Circa |

Agent Mark and Virgil are visiting a debtor who owes £1,965 commission to a PPI company.

This is Agent Virgil’s third visit to collect unpaid commission following a successful PPI claim.

The debtor in question was hesitant to pay the sum owing and presented our High Court Enforcement Agents with supposed evidence that they lacked adequate cash to repay the debt in full, prompting Mark and Virgil to ask our client if they would accept a payment plan.

Our client refused to accept a payment plan (the debtor had already received full payment of her PPI due in a lump sum), and we learned from Mark that he has a lot of empathy for debtors in similar situations (especially when the circumstances are out of their control), as he reminds us that we can all find ourselves in difficult situations for various reasons.

Mark and Virgil kept the conversation going with the lady who owed the commission and their persistence paid off when the lady agreed to pay her outstanding debt in full after a prolonged negotiation through a barely open window.

Despite being delayed for several hours in the cold weather waiting for this payment, our High Court Enforcement Officers were extremely professional and courteous.


If you missed any episode from, Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up, it can be found on Channel 5’s catch up programmes (My5), below is the link to Episode 1 |

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