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Why Are Concrete Barriers Important?

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When you choose Shergroup Security as your integrated security provider, you are choosing a company with heritage and integrity.

If you’re a landlord of a commercial property in the UK and concerned about your site’s security, then we have the solutions for your problem. Often landlords troubled with the misuse of their property reach out to us in the hope to find a solution to deal with the problem of trespassers and travellers setting an encampment at their property. In order to protect their property owners, need to make sure that they have a very strong and practical solution to restrict unwanted access to their property.

Concrete security barriers are one of the safest, most solid, and secure ways to create an immovable barrier to prevent illegal entry to vacant property sites and land, as well as to demarcate road space.

Why Choose Concrete barrier blocks?

Concrete barrier blocks are a versatile and cost-effective approach to produce a simple but incredibly durable perimeter security system that can be utilised in a range of situations.

Another reason why you would want to secure your site with a concrete barrier block is that people can’t move the barriers around to squeeze in their vehicles. This is a particularly useful solution for large events, as concrete barriers can make the flow of traffic and/or pedestrians easier and safer, resulting in a better overall experience.

Concrete barriers have become increasingly popular among property owners since they are designed to thwart all attempts at forced entry into the site, considering all types of vehicles, speeds, and attack angles. Concrete barriers make it impossible for an invader to gain access to the home, and most criminals would abandon their plan to smash their car through a solid concrete barrier rather than a window or entrance.

Let us look at some of the advantages of using concrete barrier blocks for your site’s protection.

#Restricts Unauthorised Access |

When using concrete blocks, the most important consideration is preventing unwanted access to your site, particularly from vehicles. When pedestrians use a car, they can force their way through substandard security fences or other weaker obstacles, posing a greater threat to your building. Trespassers frequently use a getaway vehicle that is loaded with raw materials or equipment, but they can also fly-tip on your property using a truck or van. Concrete barriers form a solid barrier that cars are unable to pass through. If you’ve ever had problems with intruders parking on your property, our blocks will help you avoid this.

#Boundary demarcation |

Concrete blocks can be used in any part of your site. Using them on the outside perimeter to indicate your property’s boundaries is a common application. You can, however, position them both internally and externally. You might decide to create exclusion zones on your property that only authorised personnel are allowed to enter. Alternatively, they’re a useful approach to control traffic flow over a greater area of terrain.

#Weather resistance |

Strong weather conditions can strike the UK at any time of year, wreaking havoc on security systems that aren’t up to par. You can’t foresee whether a metal fence or any other insubstantial barrier will stay in place during heavy winds, hail, or thunderstorms if you’re employing it. Concrete barriers can be used in place of any other sort of fencing and will provide you with reliable and long-lasting security in all seasons.

#Visible Deterrent |

Visible deterrents are a powerful approach to dissuade trespassing, and anyone considering trespassing on your construction site or vacant property will notice the concrete blocks in place immediately. This gives your premises a real sense of physical security, suggesting that the site’s owners or managers care about security.

#Considerable strength |

Each reinforced concrete barrier weighs more than 2 tonnes. Trespassers, opportunist thieves, and vandals won’t be able to move them without specialised equipment, which trespassers, opportunist thieves, and vandals don’t have easy access to; they’ll be more inclined to bypass your location in favour of a less secure option.

#Batch delivery and quick erection |

With up to ten barriers available in each delivery, our skilled delivery team can rapidly secure an average-sized location in only one visit. This is especially critical when a quick response is required, such as in the instance of unwelcome visitors or an accident that renders your site hazardous and makes you liable in the event of anyone visiting the site and being harmed.

#An easy solution with easy installation |

Concrete barriers are surprisingly easy to set up and keep up with. Because of the design of our concrete barriers, they can be used as a kentledge (counter-weight) for steel fencing and barriers, eliminating the need to spend additional time and money excavating a site to sink post supports, as well as time at the end of the project removing posts and filling in the holes left behind.

#A durable, cost-effective option for long-term security |

These barriers are extremely resistant to attempted vandalism, weather damage, and everyday wear and tear because reinforced concrete tends to live up to its name. As a result, whether a long-term, semi-permanent, or permanent barrier is necessary, many site owners select concrete barriers. In comparison to alternative types of barriers, such as timber hoarding, long-term installation of concrete barriers can be particularly cost-effective – and once your barriers have been customised, they will always be paying for themselves in terms of advertising.

Concrete barriers can be the ideal option for a belt-and-braces approach to security with all considerations in mind, wherever you are and whatever the weather! With health and safety and public liability being key considerations when choosing the right barriers for your needs, concrete barriers can be the ideal option for a belt-and-braces approach to security with all considerations in mind, wherever you are and whatever the weather!


Shergroup’s concrete barrier blocks are a versatile security solution that can be installed quickly and easily. We can even modify the layout and reconfigure it as per your requirement. Each barrier is available in a range of standard sizes from 1.5m up to 3m and weighs around 2 tons. Our concrete barriers provide for effective and reliable site security solutions from unwelcome visitors – such as vandals, thieves, travellers, and squatters – and the costly damage they can cause.

From concrete barrier hire to a full vacant property or construction site security service, we can handle a wide range of security demands. We are highly reputed security specialists delivering and deploying our products to water authorities, construction companies, transportation sites, and emergency services to name a few of the industry-leading partners with whom we’ve collaborated.

Whether you need concrete blocks installed permanently or temporarily, you can be rest assured that they will be a valuable addition to your security strategy and the first line of defence for your site. Contact the friendly business solutions advisors today for a no-obligation chat and quote.

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