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Why a Local Business Should Market with Google My Business?

Every day, billions of people use Google to look for a local coffee shop, home repair ideas, fashion trends, celebrity news, and a variety of other things. With over 75% of the search market share, Google has easily retained its position as the most popular search engine on the planet, and it’s only getting bigger. Indeed, Google is claimed to get approximately 5.6 billion searches every day, with a high percentage of these queries having a local intent. This means that many of the searches are conducted by people looking for places in their immediate vicinity.

Most of us devote many hours and resources to social media marketing, but we overlook the most important stage, which is improving our search rankings. Regardless of how many social media networks you utilise, Google search is still the preferred method for making critical purchasing decisions. Customers seeking your products and services online will conduct a thorough Google search as one of the first things they do.

According to Google, 46 percent of all searches have a local intent, and the primary piece of information requested by local searchers is the location of a business. However, how can you ensure that you appear in their search results with relevant information on multiple devices?

Having a Google My Business listing is the simplest and fastest way to appear in the search feed. The ability of Google My Business to integrate search engine results into marketing campaigns is a big benefit for all local businesses. It’s not just another business listing; it’s a powerful tool that gives you the advantages of being found on Google.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free local marketing tool that lets business owners and marketers’ control how their company appears on Google Search and Maps. It also includes information such as your name, address, contact information, website link, and business hours.

You must validate your business data by creating a Google My Business profile or claiming an existing auto-generated profile to acquire your GMB listing. This is an important element in any local SEO plan since it allows clients to access information about your company and leave reviews. As a result, the data provided must be correct, complete, and optimal.

How do Google My Business Listings work?

The first step is to build a GMB listing, either by claiming your existing page or by creating a new one and validating it. You’ll be able to develop a basic website with GMB that will help you attract more customers. It’s also critical to improve your Google My Business listing by including keywords, a call to action, frequently asked questions, and relevant photographs and videos.

Local search listings dominate the results when someone searches for items or services. As a result, the next time someone searches for your products or services in your area, your Google My Business page will appear among the results. The information on your page will be shown in three separate locations |

  • Google’s sidebar
  • Local results
  • Google maps

Therefore, potential customers will be able to see your location, contacts, and other details from your page itself.

How do Brands use Google My Business?

GMB is used by millions of brands all over the world to set themselves apart from the competition and get more leads. The platform is used by brands to interact with customers and learn more about them.

They can learn about the types of people who are most interested in their business, where they are from, and what interests them. GMB can also be used to assess a company’s overall performance.

The Benefits of Google My Business

It is now faster and easier to promote your product or service thanks to modern technology. According to Search Engine Watch, 50% of people who conduct local searches on their phones wind up visiting a store. Can you imagine the potential sales you could generate just from organic search and Google My Business, given that practically everyone has a smartphone these days?

Creating, authenticating, and properly optimising your Google My Business account is a tremendous opportunity, and you should take advantage of it to the maximum.

What else does GMB have to offer? Here are a few more advantages of Google My Business.

1. GMB Allows You to Appear in Maps and Local Pack Listings

When you search for places on Google, do you notice the prominent map and list of business names that display right at the top of the page? The Local Pack is what it’s called, and there are two reasons why you should care about it.

It’s Highly Visible

The Local Pack takes up a lot of space on Google’s first page of results, and it’s the first thing that any Google user sees after typing in their query.

It allows users to see all of the information they require in a single glance.

The Local Pack is a section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that shows the locations that are relevant to your search. It also provides a slew of other useful details that any prospective consumer might want to know, such as the location on a map, the business’s phone number in case customers have any concerns or want to make a quick reservation, store hours, and even the establishment’s star rating. It’s a useful feature for both the company and its customers.

According to Moz, GMB is the most important component in determining local pack ranks. So, if you want to engage with your target audience — in this case, people in your service region – using Google My Business to verify, update, and optimise your web information will assist.

2. GMB Allows People to Leave Reviews of Your Business

Customer evaluations have a lot of weight, especially when it comes to search engine results. According to another Moz study, internet reviews are considered to account for 10% of how search engines rank results.

Using GMB to make it easy for your consumers to submit good comments about your business is essential if you want to be seen in the search results. There are a few more reasons why users should leave reviews.

Reviews Improve Local SEO

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, many people rely on reviews. Online reviews may affect as many as 93 percent of purchasers. To put it another way, almost all of them.

This is because these small blocks of text are true consumer testimonials that were not paid by the firm to promote their product or service. As a result, they appear more credible, and many people accept what they say.

Before choosing a local business, an increasing number of individuals read customer reviews. Search engines utilise reviews to rank search results because consumers enjoy reading them. This GMB feature, if used correctly, can have a significant impact on your organisation.

Reviews Increase Sales

Positive feedback is important. They not only help you rank higher in search engines, but they also act as free and credible advertisements for your products or services. Customers, for example, are more likely to test out a product that has received a lot of positive feedback than one that has received a lot of negative feedback.

People are just as trusting of online reviews as they are of personal recommendations. The more good customer feedback you receive, the more opportunities you’ll have to generate leads and increase revenue. There is a positive association between reviews and sales, according to the study.

It’s crucial to obtain positive ratings, but keep in mind that even the top companies receive negative feedback. If this happens to you, deal with it professionally. Take these critiques with a grain of salt. Instead, put them to good use in order to better your product or service. Negative reviews, when used correctly, can provide valuable information to help your company grow.

Reviews Show What Customers Think About Your Business

Customers’ perceptions about your brand can be gleaned through customer reviews. They let you see how customers react to your products or services, as well as what strategies you should keep, what you should modify, and where you can improve.

Reviews, whether positive or negative, can assist you to understand what your customers think. Take them into account and evaluate them logically.

3. GMB Provides Insights That Give You Helpful Information

GMB is a beneficial tool for your company. It not only promotes your goods or service, but it also aids in market research.

How is this possible?

Google My Business has a number of useful capabilities that can help you create strategies and make decisions by providing insights into key areas. This tool gives you access to facts and insights that can help you figure out who your target audience is.


GMB can show you how many people have seen your company profile, photos, and posts. This is especially crucial for determining the success of your campaigns – whether they’re performing effectively and attracting the attention you desire, or whether they’re ineffective and costing you money.

Search Queries

GMB delivers a report that allows you to learn and understand how customers locate your company. It reveals how people are looking for your listing, including the terms they use.

Knowing what keywords are relevant to your online presence might help you increase traffic dramatically. You can, for example, dominate relevant long-tail keywords to significantly improve the number of clicks to your web pages. This information is available from GMB.


GMB can show you how your followers are reacting to your content. It allows you to see what posts they like and what kind of comments they make. You’ll have a better notion of the types of materials that work well for your company this way.


GMB offers a part where you can see a summary of who is following you and their profiles. You’ll be able to see their ages, genders, and even their countries of origin. These are all beneficial while creating a campaign.

Clicks on Website Link

GMB may also show you how many times your website link has been clicked. Knowing these figures and quantifying the data can assist you in developing solid tactics. Take some time to look at the stats if you want to increase audience engagement, website traffic, and company revenue.

4. It’s Free and Easy to Use

Even if a product is extremely useful, its potential will be squandered if it is too expensive, impractical, or difficult to use. When it comes to Google My Business, though, this isn’t the case.

Because this useful product is free and simple to use, even small businesses can benefit from it. It only takes a few hours to create and verify your profile. There exist programmes that can instantly verify your identity. After that, you’re ready to dominate Google’s first page. It also includes excellent tools for analysing performance and determining methods to increase your company’s position.


Google My Business should be used by every company trying to expand its local reach, visibility, and profitability. Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use service that businesses of all sizes may use as part of their internet marketing plan. The advantages of Google My Business are numerous, and businesses that make the effort to optimise and update their profiles are more likely to reach and sell to local customers.

The value of local marketing, particularly local SEO, is the free exposure it provides. Customer satisfaction and the number of engagements you receive can both be improved by managing and responding to queries directly on a GMB profile. Increased client interaction will lead to greater connections and their desire to spread the news about your company to their friends.

Overall, using Google My Business as an internet marketing tool can help you save money on your marketing expenditures or improve the outcomes you obtain from it.

Why should you use Google My Business?

If you’re a local company or a start-up you want more visibility in the local market, then Google My Business makes it simple for you to market your products and services online by enhancing their visibility and increasing their chances of appearing in search results. It might make it easier for potential clients to find and contact you. It’s a free tool that can help you improve your online presence, beat competition, drive more traffic, and ultimately increase revenue for your company. If you want help with this, Shergroup can manage it for you. We’ve served numerous clients and helped them gain visibility and better ranks on Google. Our team of Google experts will do the needful most professionally for you.

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