Tune in to our Chief Shergroupie, Claire Sandbrook talking about the forfeiture of commercial property in the UK and how Shergroup can help the landlords in getting back possession. Often landlords reach out to Shergroup when their tenant has breached one or more clauses of the lease. To get back possession and terminate the commercial tenant lawfully we are able to support landlords by taking the “forfeiture” route.

Of course, over the period of the pandemic landlords in the UK have been restricted in what they can do to enforce the forfeiture clause in their commercial tenancies.

It has been a tough time for the landlords, but we see an end in sight to the moratorium so that landlords are free to deal with their property portfolios free of restrictions.

As you may know if there is a breach of a commercial lease term, and the lease expressly contains a right to forfeiture clause, then you can lean on that to remove the tenant under the forfeiture provisions.

However, currently this remedy is only available for breaches other than the non-payment of rent, such as subletting without permission, assigning without permission.

If this is a route you can take, then we offer a one stop shop forfeiture service at a fixed price. On receiving your instructions, we instruct one of our enforcement agents to use the non-high court route to re-take possession.

With enforcement agents working in all 105 postcodes of England and Wales, we are able to remove your tenants and their employees at the time of attendance. Our national panel of enforcement agents have been hand-picked by Claire Sandbrook herself over the last 20 years and you can see Shergroup’s team in the TV Show, “Call The Bailiffs | Time to Pay Up”.

All you need to do is to complete the formality of getting possession back by changing the locks and then being able to remarket the property.

Shergroup provides as much support as you need through the process. We will agree the date that you need to fit in with your plans.

And if you need your Section 146 notice served then we can arrange for this to be done, again by one of our enforcement agents. This is a good way for us to assess what is happening at your property and whether we are going to meet any resistance when it comes to forfeiting the lease.

Please note our forfeiture service is strictly for commercial properties, as residential tenants are protected from eviction under Section 3 of the Protection From Eviction Act 1977.

And we are always here to discuss what you want to do before you send your papers across.

Call us on 020 3588 4240 and one of our friendly Business Solutions Advisors will guide you through our process.

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