SHOWNOTES | There is no doubt that Google Analytics is a great resource, and a free one, given by Google to all of us who are building our websites and working on building our traffic. But just how do you set up a Google Analytics account? And what value is it going to give you? There’s such a phrase as “analysis paralysis”, but I think with Google because it is so important in the development of online presence, which in turn builds your audience, you can’t ignore Google. And in a way, you want to make Google “your business buddy”. You want Google to like seeing your business and see the value that it offers the world at large so it moves you up the search rankings.  So, the aim of this podcast from our Chief Shergroupie, Claire Sandbrook is to share some of the questions we had, and you may now have, about why do you need Google Analytics in your business and where can you start to pull this together.  All the information given in the podcast is based on Claire’s experience of building analytics for Shergroup.  Thanks to all the Shergroup Digitial Marketing Agency guys for moving us forward.  What we hope you will get out of this Podcast is that by investing time in building your Analytics you will be able to |

  • Understand who is visiting your website and how to build your audience
  • Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns – by type
  • See for yourself the channels that are giving you the best results and focus on getting more engagement through those channels
  • Find new content topics and grow your content to deliver the answers to the questions your audience inevitably has
  • Identify the gaps in traffic on your site – what is and is not working to bring you increased traffic