Shergroup to take outsourcing message to leading US conference

Shergroup to take outsourcing message to leading US conference

Shergroup to take outsourcing message to leading US conference

Shergroup marks another important milestone in its strengthening exposure to the North American market this spring when Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook will take the stage as a keynote speaker at a prestigious retail sector conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mrs Sandbrook, Chief Executive of Shergroup, the UK’s leading High Court enforcement agency, will talk on “Outsourcing Collection Activity to Foreign Countries – Benefits and Pitfalls” at the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) 2009 Spring Conference in late April.

Mrs Sandbrook, who is also Chair of the UK’s High Court Enforcement Officers Association, is set to address over 800 attendees and more than 40 exhibitors at the event which will focus on legal issues and legislation which affect the international debt collection community.

Shergroup, one of the leading providers of outsourced global business services, specialising in enforcement, security, legal services and IT solutions, has been actively building brand awareness on the North American continent, where it now has a direct presence, for over a year.

At the 2009 NARCA Conference Mrs Sandbrook will focus on Shergroup’s reputation as a leading brand for outsourced services to the credit industry. Shergroup’s India operation was recently awarded the international standard for quality ISO 9001 for its processing capabilities.

She will highlight how Shergroup’s India operation has doubled its workforce to 41 specialist, highly-qualified staff providing outsourced business services, including administrative support, communications such as writing letters and emails, debt recovery, website design, data collation and transcription services. Modern data links and technologies mean the processes can be carried out quickly, whatever the time difference.

Mrs Sandbrook will also table the development of the SHERPA case management system, a unique online service which enables clients of Shergroup to track the progress of writ enforcement in real time, providing a wealth of valuable data in the process. The SHERPA system recently scooped the ‘Innovative Solution of the Year’ award at the Institute of Credit Management awards.

Mrs Sandbrook says: “My message to the conference will be that the outsourcing operation which was set up in India 2007 has gone from strength to strength so that today they are a vital part of our operations.”

“As a results-driven team they are playing a major role in the development of the company in North America and across the globe.”