Shergroup India celebrates its first anniversary

Shergroup India celebrates its first anniversary

Shergroup India celebrates its first anniversary

Shergroup has notched up another successful year in the growth of its global brand with the celebration of the first anniversary of its India operation.

A leading brand for outsourced services to the credit industry, Shergroup is celebrating a major milestone at its India operation which opened in November 2007 and which is now going from strength to strength with over £13 million collected since its inception.

One year on, Shergroup’s India operation has doubled its staff to 41 specialist, highly-qualified staff who together make up one of the leading providers of outsourced business services, specialising in enforcement, security, legal and IT solutions.

Key to Shergroup’s success has been the development of Sherpa case management system, a unique online service which enables clients of Shergroup – the UK’s largest High Court Enforcement Agency – to track the progress of writ enforcement in real time, providing a wealth of valuable data in the process.

Such services include administrative support, communications such as writing letters and emails, debt recovery, website design, data collation and transcription services. Modern data links and technologies mean the processes can be carried out quickly, whatever the time difference.

Ravi Bhalla, Shergroup’s Offshore Operations manager, has now stepped up to head the India operation and to represent Shergroup India on the senior management team in the UK.

He is overseeing the expansion and quality of all the India-based services, including voice, back office, software development, web design and legal transcription services.

The office in India supports Shergroup’s enforcement officers in the field. Shergroup officers send digital photos and voice reports from debtors’ doorsteps direct to the team in Delhi who then update the information on Sherpa within two hours.

Says Mr Bhalla: “This is a major benefit to Shergroup’s clients who can see every day where they stand in terms of recouping money owed.

“Clients are also sent an automated email from my team in India advising them when the system has been updated, with a link through to the Sherpa website.”

Mr Bhalla, who returns back to Shergroup’s Braintree headquarters for Senior Management Team meetings says the Indian team’s success is largely due to the equal parity of treatment and excellent communications between Shergroup’s UK and India operations:

Mr Bhalla says: “There is no difference in the way Shergroup operates, whether in the UK or in India. We pride ourselves on our consistent ‘Can Do’ attitude for all of our clients and on the outstanding quality of our service.

“In the first year in India we have seen a continuous process of upgrading of all of our services, extending the capabilities, so we are now one of a very few India-based companies which specialise in this sector of work.

Mr Bhalla, a 26-year-old graduate, adds: “Each member of our team is a highly-qualified graduate, and many of us are now undertaking ICM qualifications.”

“One year on, we now have well proven systems, plus an experienced and focused team. We believe it’s our commitment to excellence – together with the guidance we have had from our colleagues in the UK – which has made our first year in India so successful.”

Shergroup’s Chief Executive Officer, Claire Sandbrook, says: “The team in India was set up in 2007 and we are very proud of the way it has gone from strength to strength…

“They are a vital part of our operations and as a results-driven team they are playing a major role in the development of the company across the globe.”

are pleased to attach a picture of Ravi Bhalla with his team at Shergroup India’s headquarters in Delhi.