Shercurity’s latest appointment

Shercurity’s latest appointment

Shercurity’s latest appointment

Andrew Roberts has just joined Shergroup – the UK’s largest High Court enforcement agency – to head up its security division, Shercurity.

Andrew has spent 17 years in the security industry and left a role at CIS Security to join Essex-based Shergroup as its chief of operations for Shercurity.

His remit is to oversee the expansion of Shercurity’s operations, particularly into specialised manned-guarding work.

Shercurity works hand-in-hand with Shergroup’s other main divisions, Sherforce, which specialises in the eviction of squatters, and Sherbond, which recovers debt for commercial clients.

Shercurity is called in to secure premises after squatters have been evicted and is winning major contracts to guard premises from intruders and protesters. The personnel employed are all ex-military, trained and licensed as Close Protection Officers

Andrew said: “I’m very excited about this appointment. Shergroup is a rapidly expanding company and pretty unique in the legal services business. I have never come across anything like it before.”