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Email Marketing Benchmarks and Statistics

Email marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox for reaching out to your community, whatever your size of business. We think that emails have a significant effect on a business’s overall marketing campaigns performance and the traffic emails create to bring customers to your door.


Our marketing heroes such as Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Ryan Deiss and Molly Pitman talk about more “eyeballs on your product or service” and emails are a way to get your brand in front of whoever you want to contact.


Frankly, you can overthink this to the point of not using email to promote your business and get it in front of the people you want to connect with. We encourage you to be brave, build your email list and get your message out. Get those eyeballs looking at YOU!


How will you check if you’re getting the results from this platform?

Again, don’t overthink the outcome. Plan to choose this channel and go from there. The great thing about email marketing is that someone somewhere is going to read your email and if you set it up correctly you are going to see the level of interest in what you are communicating.


Our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, often reminds us here at Shergroup that years ago she led marketing campaigns based on exhibitions and pages in credit magazines. The costs were considerable and to be perfectly honest she had little or no idea of the level of interest. The only thing she was certain about was the cost.


Fast forward to today and you can control the content, the layout, the audience, and the analytics at a far lower cost.


As it is don’t worry – we have your back; we will guide you to build your email marketing KPIs based on your data. These figures will provide you with information to help you prepare your email marketing campaign for the coming year and beyond.


So, let’s have a look at email marketing metrics and how they combine to give you the analytics you need on what your community is looking at.


Email Open Rate

The percentage of total subscribers who open an email campaign signifies the “email open rate”. For instance, if you send out an email to 200 subscribers and only 100 open it then your open rate is 50%.


Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate represents the ratio of subscribers who clicked on a specific link in your email as opposed to those who just opened, or looked at your email, For example, if you send an email to 200 people on your mailing list, 100 of them open it, and 50 of those who open it click on a link or picture, your click-through rate is 50%.


Unsubscribe Rate

This indicates the number of people who opt-out of receiving more emails from you. For example, your unsubscribe rate is 5% if 500 people receive your mail and 25 of them choose to unsubscribe from your email campaign.


And what we want to say here, based on another one of our heroes, Donald Miller, is to say even if someone unsubscribes, they have to make that decision about your message and our brand which means they now know about you. So, unsubscribes are a decision about your business, albeit not the best one, and you never know when they may come back!


Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to emails that are returned by the recipient’s server because they were unable to be sent to their inbox. For instance, if 10 emails bounce out of 1,000, the bounce rate is 1%.


Hard bounce and soft bounce are the two different kinds of bounces – just in case you thought it related to tennis balls!


Email Marketing Benchmarks

For average metrics across all sectors internationally, here’s how these KPIs break down by sector. How do your own email reports stack up against the industry averages?


The average open rate for emails is 25.85% | How many people open your mail suggests the percentage of the audience that is interested in your mails. Your subject line plays a key role in influencing the open rate so always try and be creative in your subject line decisions!


The average email click rate is 1.27% | Since this figure includes subscribers who opened your email as well as those who did not, the click rate gives you an idea of overall campaign participation. It’s a good indicator of how useful your emails are to your recipients.


The average email unsubscribe rate is 0.05% | The number of subscribers you get from a campaign will give you an idea if your content is received well by your audience and focuses on their needs. If your unsubscribe rate goes up for a particular campaign, go back and crosscheck what went wrong and fix the errors. And measure all your emails to find out what is working with your community because you can repurpose and re-use your best emails going forward.


The average bounce rate for emails is 1.72 per cent | Your bounce rate reflects the accuracy of your email list.


Comparing Email Marketing Statistics by Region | The benchmark also divides data into three geographic regions: America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and APAC (Asia, Pacific, and Europe) (Asia Pacific). The findings differed between them, both in terms of total averages and industry results.


Takeaways To Help You Boost Your Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to work effectively, generating significant returns for businesses.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, owning your data, and engaging with consumers where they already are in their inboxes can be major factors.


Often our customers tell us that they understand email marketing works but how to make it work for their business is a challenge for them. With these benchmarks, you will see how your email plan stacks up against the competition and where a little extra time and effort can yield the best results.


Summing Up

Finally, Shergroup is your safest bet for optimizing each area of your email strategy from data collection and list building to testing and maximising your business revenue with our hands-on email marketing skills!


Our digital marketing experts will go all out in putting the best email marketing strategy in place for you, so you get to know your audience better and get your best results yet.


For more information on this message us at [email protected] or read about our service here|

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