Since 1995 we have been adding value to our function as High Court Enforcement professionals by helping our client community collect outstanding B2B debts.

From our heritage as Sheriffs we have developed our property services for the benefit of our community so they have a one-stop shop of protection.

When you choose Shergroup Security as your integrated security provider, you are choosing a company with heritage and integrity.

We want to help you, our customers, be super happy with your security service from start to finish and that’s our starting point in what we do.

We make solving legal problems as straightforward as possible. We like to give down to earth advice with transparent pricing.

Using our experience as employers of a diverse TEAM we know what we like to see in our recruits, so we are extending this service for our client community.

Marketing is changing rapidly, and this cube brings you 9 easy to see solutions to your digital marketing plan.

Our products based around tracing people, and assets can be useful in our several other solutions, including Cashflow, Property and Recruitment.

Use Shergroup's experience to find your way through some of the toughest financial and health situations and access our expert partner network.

Whatever stage you’re at in growing your business, there are probably times when you could do with an extra pair of hands.

Our national panel of Certified High Court Enforcement Officers will help you collect your money quickly and easily.

We've built a storefront with products that will help your business move into the future safely and turn online browsing into buying.

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