Shergroup hosts Vietnamese delegation

Shergroup hosts Vietnamese delegation

Shergroup hosts Vietnamese delegation

A delegation of enforcement officers from Vietnam has visited the Braintree headquarters of Shergroup as part of their fact-finding tour looking at international expertise in professional enforcement standards around the world.

The six-strong delegation was hosted by Shergoup’s Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook, in her role as Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association.

Shergroup, one of the leading providers of outsourced global business services, specialising in enforcement, security, legal services and IT solutions, hosted the delegation on behalf of the Association with a brief to focus on how their staff and other stakeholders in the enforcement process operate.

Accompanying Claire to discuss professional standards in the industry with the Vietnamese guests were the Association’s Vice Chairman, Martin Leyshon and its Treasurer, Shergroup’s Alan Smith.

Claire said: “As Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association I am committed to promoting the work of all appointed High Court Enforcement Officers, whether they are working in large organisations or smaller business units in the UK or increasingly in fast-developing economies around the world, such as Vietnam.”

“We were interested to learn how the Vietnamese delegation is planning to put in place an effective enforcement procedure in their home country.”

“We shared with them our own professional expertise and we know they are as keen as we are to ensure that the professional standards of HCEOA members are promoted throughout the world.”

The photograph shows Shergroup CEO Claire Sandbrook (middle) with Alan Smith to her left and Martin Leyshon and members of the delegation from Vietnam.