Unconventional Lawyers

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Claire Sandbrook

CEO Shergroup

Claire Sandbrook is the Chief Executive Officer of Shergroup Limited which is a business solutions group with three registered offices in London, Orlando and New Delhi. Under her leadership Shergroup has become a name to reckon with in the UK as an enforcement service provider, specialising in the delivery of outsourced services for sectors that require the enforcement of orders, judgments, and awards. In addition to the core enforcement services, Shergroup has also developed a range of business solutions to help fellow business owners to move forward.

With an emphasis on delivering quality at every level of its operations, Mrs Sandbrook’s capability, knowledge and management style is stamped on every aspect of the Group she has founded and developed.

Claire is a powerhouse of ideas with a vision for perfection and an inspiration for all the young entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in world economics and be a part of the change.

Charles Steven


Charles Stevens is a Solicitor and is spearheading the growth of Shergroup Legal as it moves forward to provide innovative legal solutions for business owners. 

Charles has been a partner in some of the largest firms outside of the City of London.  He has built up an impressive following of loyal clients including large farming estate enterprises, entrepreneurs, letting agents and publicans.  Unlike the majority of private practice lawyers today, Charles’ clients’ see him as a trusted advisor able to advise on all manner of legal, business and company matters. 

Charles feels that the standard approach of many private practice law firms is centred around ‘what the individual lawyer is allowed to provide’ as opposed to ‘what the lawyer is able to provide’ which has led him to Shergroup Legal where his wider advisory is given the bandwidth to provide commercial clients with innovative and practical legal solutions. 

Charles’, ‘tell me what your issue is and I will resolve it’ approach, as opposed to the ‘let me tell you what I am able to do’, is what he believes keeps his clients coming back time and again to seek his counsel.  That and down to earth, straight forward practical advice that is easy to understand is seen as so helpful to his community of business owners when they are dealing with a stressful situation.

The fact that Charles’ has the ability to advise on a variety of areas of law enables him to have an ‘overview’ approach to his advice which is not necessarily possible with those lawyers who have a specialism in one area.  Not that Charles’ doesn’t consider himself a specialist…he just considers himself a specialist in a lot of areas!

So if you find yourself needing an unconventional legal viewpoint and a plan to make it happen, reach out to Charles for something a little different when it comes to talking to a lawyer.