Unconventional Lawyers

Charles’, ‘tell me what your issue is and I will resolve it’ approach, as opposed to the ‘let me tell you what I am able to do’, is what he believes keeps his clients coming back time and again to seek his counsel.  That and down to earth, straight forward practical advice that is easy to understand is seen as so helpful to his community of business owners when they are dealing with a stressful situation.

The fact that Charles’ has the ability to advise on a variety of areas of law enables him to have an ‘overview’ approach to his advice which is not necessarily possible with those lawyers who have a specialism in one area.  Not that Charles’ doesn’t consider himself a specialist…he just considers himself a specialist in a lot of areas!

So if you find yourself needing an unconventional legal viewpoint and a plan to make it happen, reach out to Charles for something a little different when it comes to talking to a lawyer.