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PODCAST PRODUCT INFO | Tune in to The Shergroupies podcast where our Chief Shergroupie, Claire Sandbrook, explains our NO COLLECT NO FEE B2B debt collection. Claire explains how this vital service can be adapted to fit what your business needs to drive down your DAYS SALES OUTSTANDING (DSO) and keep the cash flowing in. Some of our community use it as an add-on to what they already do – leaving us with the tough stuff to collect in and we love that challenge. Other clients use the service as the next stage of escalation in their process to prepare for legal proceedings, with a view to issuing a Writ of Control at the end of the legal process. Whatever you are in your process our NO COLLECT NO FEE service is simple to use and completely FREE until the point of collection. At that stage, we charge a fixed fee commission of 15% on monies collected.

We also encourage our community to add into their terms of business that collection fees are added on to the debt if it becomes necessary to instruct a collection service! You can instruct us to collect the debt by letter, email, and phone for 30/60/90 days and other periods are possible. This is a completely flexible service. The aim of this section is our shop is to make it easy for you to instruct us. Just by filling in your details and uploading the invoice or invoices you need to be collected, you are added to our system. It really is that simple. Simply select the NO COLLECT NO FEE product and upload the copy invoices you want us to collect. Our fulfilment team will then pick up your purchase and process your order just as they always have. The Purple Shop just makes it much easier to select and pay. A friendly Business Solutions Advisor is appointed to your account to ensure you receive the service you need.

This person will support you throughout the period of the debt collection process and guide you on moving debt to a money claim if that is the best next step. Your Business Solutions Advisor also has detailed product knowledge to help you with any of the services or products you see in our shop – so that you get the best from Shergroup.

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