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Working dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These security dogs are also known as K9 dogs, and they perform a multitude of jobs. One of these is the police dogs as part of the K9 security dog’s unit. These dogs do things like, rescue, protection, explosive detection, and drug-sniffing. Not all dogs can perform these tasks that’s why K9’s are specially trained breeds of dogs meant for special purposes.

We will present you with a list of the best police dogs breeds here so you know which breed of dog you need to hire if you’re looking for K9 security.

What Traits Classify the Best Police Dog Breed?

Before we go on describing the K9 dog breeds, we must understand the duties these dogs have to comply with. Certain desirable characteristics must be considered when selecting the right dog, depending on the job they obtain. If it’s a security breed or protection dog, you will want a sturdy dog that can outrun a perp and still be able to follow the commands. Protection dogs are strong and smart. For detection of explosives, narcotics and rescue it is a good idea to have a great sense of smell and a sharp mind.

These scent-tracking K9 dogs are ideal for this job and can assist where a human’s senses are lacking. These aren’t the only two jobs in policing, but they account for the large majority, which is why we included them in our list of the six best police dog breeds.

Best Police Dog Breeds

Let’s get into our actual list of the best police dog breeds now that you know what goes into the work they do.
1. German Shepherd | This comes as no surprise that German Shepard is one of the best dogs in the K9 category. It is well known to be associated with being on the line of duty. This breed is first trained to hear and predict the signs of any unwelcome predators making them perfect for your everyday K9 dog unit. German shepherds are extremely loyal and easy to train breed which makes them a perfect partner for a K9 security unit. It is difficult to beat the versatility of this dog, hence it ranks on top of our list. There are multiple types of German Shepherds, and you can find the one that is most suitable for your protection.

2. Beagle | Now we have a breed that we know none of you might expect to be on the list of police dogs, but beagle has one of the best noses in the business.

Beagle is a smaller breed that has a huge personality, this makes them ideal pets and equally great police dog partners. Popular as drug-sniffing dogs they are usually found on the airports, border zones, and as narcotic finding patrol dogs.

3. Belgian Malinois | The Belgian Malinois, a smaller cousin of the German shepherd, is another well-bred dog for working on the front lines. This breed is well-known for its abilities in the military and all aspects of police work, as well as serving as support therapy dogs on occasion.

Like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois were originally headers, so they have the same traits that make them good protectors. This breed has often accompanied both police and military forces on big-time missions.

4. Bloodhound | Bloodhounds are large scent hounds originally bred for hunting deer and wild boars. Their distinct personality dog has one outstanding feature, their nose. It has a nose for tracking, this dog can find a needle in a haystack if you needed it. This breed can track a scent trail for miles to locate a trapped survivor or a fleeing perpetrator. They, make a part of the K9 police dog units owing to their hunting and tracking ability. So, it only makes sense that this dog is made for this aspect of police work.

5. Rottweilers | The rottweiler has been a great police dog for many years, with an incredibly intelligent mind and a body that resembles a truck. They might not appear friendly because of their huge size but it’s an incredibly friendly breed around the people they are used to and shy around strangers. This makes them a great addition to any police force and partner on the field as they will be sure to have your back.

6. Labrador | Although the American Labrador Retriever is known to be a sweet dog, they can be a great police dog breed. They have accompanied their masters in hunting for a long period and this has made them good at sniffing out what they need to find. With proper training, the Labrador Retriever can be a top-notch narcotics detection dog. Additionally, they can be loyal and protective when needed on the front lines, making them excellent police dogs.


There are numerous benefits to having a police dog at your side, ranging from airport security to assisting at crime scenes and mobile dog patrols. They not only help to stop any potential harm, but they also help to prevent problems from occurring. This is because the public perceives a police guard and a dog on duty as a threat, potentially putting an end to any plans people may have.

Shergroup provides you with K9 security to keep you and your surroundings safe. K9 security is possibly the best and most reliable form of security with pointy-eared dogs guarding public places, events, void properties, and locations with potential risk hazards.

With the ability to be deployed on almost any site, our drug or explosive detection dogs are chosen and trained for their great abilities in finding all major drug substances or explosive devices.

Shergroup has partnered with the Vapor Wake K9 security specialists who are equipped with a fleet of canine security dog units that can be deployed at a short notice to the most remote locations.

We do a risk assessment of your site first and then identify potential security risks before deploying a dog team. We’d ensure that we implement the most appropriate K9 security measures to protect your premises from unauthorised intrusion. Call us on 0845 890 9200 or chat on for more information.

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