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Call The Bailiffs Podcast

Our podcast series is designed to give you, as a visitor to our website, an audio viewpoint on the controversial topic of enforcement.  In this channel our CEO, Claire Sandbrook will be talking about our new TV show where Claire is the High Court enforcement officer Consultant. Claire has always had an opinion on what does and does not work in the enforcement space and has never shied away from saying what she thinks.  Podcasting gives her an opportunity to share that viewpoint with you.  She is a clear voice for creating a balance between the competing interests of creditor and debtor or claimant and defendant.  As the High Court Enforcement Officer in the “Call The Bailiffs” series, Claire’s approach is to provide creditors and claimants with an enforcement service which is efficient and professional. For debtors and defendants named on the Writs sent to Claire for enforcement they will find her and her team to be fair and reasonable in their approach, despite the challenges they face.  Now you can listen to Claire’s view of what the enforcement agents are doing in each one of the 6 episodes in the TV show and on a wider range of Shergroup services in its High Court enforcement portfolio.  We hope this authentic way of discussing enforcement gives you the confidence to know Shergroup is always working to improve enforcement service delivery for everyone affected by enforcement.