Chocolate Loyalty Club

At Shergroup we like to say thank you to our growing community of professionals who send us business. So we put the Shergroupies to work to come up with a nice way to say thank you for your business. The Shergroupie Chocolate Loyalty Club rewards our customers for being good enough to refer us to a colleague in their firm, or elsewhere in their network. If that colleague books a meeting with one of our team then the both you and your work buddy receive a chocolate thank you. It’s a simple exchange of chocolate for a good lead for someone who can use our services. We appreciate you!

Ready to join The Shergroupies in their Chocolate Loyalty Club? It’s easy to get started. Just submit the details of your referral from your litigation or property related colleagues on this form and we will send them an email inviting them to book a meeting with one of our team. When your referral buddy books a meeting and joins in for just 10 minutes – you both receive a chocolate reward. The terms of the offer are just one meeting per work buddy and you can introduce as many buddies as you want to refer as long as they are in the field of property or litigation legal services.

How It Works:

Step 1
Identify and Refer

Spot a colleague in a property or litigation related role who could benefit from Shergroup’s services.  Make your referral by submitting their contact details to us and let them know we need them to book a meeting with one of our team.

Step 2
Schedule a Meeting

Once your referral is received, we’ll send your Referral work buddy a link to book a meeting on our online calendar, which fits their schedule, and have a chat about whether Shergroup can be a support partner to their clients.

Step 3
Enjoy Your Chocolate Reward

And then the good part … after the meeting is booked and we spend 10 minutes – no more – with your work buddy, we will despatch to you both a chocolate thank you as a token of our appreciation for your precious time. 

Why Participate?

We can’t get to meet all our customers so this is our way of saying thanks very much for using Shergroup services, we appreciate you, and we never forget you have a choice of who you work with!

A successful outcome from one of our services such as the recovery of an outstanding judgment or the recovery of land from squatters, makes our legal customers look good in front of their clients – so of course we want everyone to be a winner and when you refer us to your colleagues we think they are getting chocolate, but more than that they are getting a great service which makes them look good!

Perhaps you don’t know all the fee earners in your firm and you don’t have a reason to get to them know them. But now you do – because if you get them to join the Chocolate Loyalty Club and start using Shergroup’s services you all win. We have clients who do all their Easter Egg shopping based on our chocolate reewards. And we have special promos at Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day – so start collecting your free chocolate today!